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Snugli Stroller: Strollin’ with Style

| November 29, 2012

Have you seen what Snugli‘s been up to? The company, so trusted for its baby carriers that I’ve actually heard people refer to every carrier as a Snugli (like the way people say Kleenex instead of tissue), has jumped further into the world of baby gear, and they’ve added a fun twist. With their style […]

Have You Entered The Zen Stroller + $1000 Giggle Giveaway Yet?

| March 8, 2012

Have you heard the news? Project Nursery has teamed up with giggle and bloom for a huge giveaway! It’s in honor of the exclusive giggle launch of the hottest new stroller, the CMYK Zen Stroller by bloom. It’s big folks, so don’t miss this chance to win the fantastically cool stroller plus a $1000 giggle […]

Cute Baby Items for Breast Cancer Awareness

| October 19, 2011

We all know that October is breast cancer awareness month, and sadly, most of us know someone who has been affected by it. The statistics are shocking, but there is hope. Breast cancer research advances every day. In September, we heard the news that a nondisease-causing virus killed human breast cancer cells in the laboratory, which creates […]

ABC Kids Expo 2012: Louisville Edition, Part 4

| October 3, 2011

PN readers,  are you excited about all the furniture, bedding and gear we’ve been talking about fresh from our trip to the ABC Kids Expo? Well, it’s not over yet; there are even more fabulous finds we want to share with you, so get ready. Need to catch up? Check out our other ABC Kids […]

Virtual Baby Shower Spotlight: Mutsy

| December 22, 2010

I am so particular when it comes to gear for my baby. I’ve accumulated quite the mountain of strollers, high chairs, gadgets and items that are specifically designed for the modern parent. Realistically, only a few products have actually lived up to their creed. One company I do vouch for is Mutsy. Designed to meet the needs of today’s modern and mobile parent, Mutsy is a company with their finger on the pulse. Their distinctive Mutsy stroller collection offers flexibility for all lifestyles and their entire collection covers birth to early childhood products including…

Giveaway: Get Cozy With JJ Cole’s Original BundleMe – 3 Winners!

| October 5, 2010

How fun, a mid week giveaway! Our readers are always asking us for the “Best In Show” when it comes to the nursery. We love testing and touching all things related to the baby nursery so we can accurately and honestly report back with the latest and greatest. But we all know that having a baby doesn’t just stop with the nursery. There are heaps of products on the market made with baby in mind and it can be both frustrating and overwhelming. I know when I had my first I was constantly thinking, “Is this product really worth it?”…

The Three Hottest Strollers Around

| August 18, 2010

As nursery designers, we are often asked for recommendations about all kinds of things outside of the nursery – such as strollers.  To make sure we stay current on the latest and greatest, we turn to our local stroller guru – Ben, the owner of Spoiled Beginnings furniture store in Orange County, CA.  During a […]

Melisa & Pam’s Blogher ’10 Recap

| August 17, 2010

We interrupt our fun design finds and inspirational party posts to share with you some personal highlights from our NYC trip to Blogher ’10. Pam and I enjoyed over 7 years together in the Big Apple so coming back to town together was a real treat and a whole lot more exhausting with a couple […]

A Front Seat Stroller Review

| January 12, 2009

As a proud blogger I love an opportunity to talk about Project Nursery especially when it organically fits into the conversation and turns into helpful advice and not just a shameless plug. The perfect opportunity arose this past weekend when I was introduced to dad-to-be Andy by a friend of mine. Andy is a first […]

Stroller Storage At Last

| April 2, 2008

Today’s blog is dedicated to all you city moms. We salute you and envy you for living the city life so many of us dearly miss. We are thrilled to share with you an invention by NYC mom, Mary Ann Malone called the StrollAway by MetroTots. I certainly wish I owned one of these back […]


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