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Ready to Embrace and Win with Bravado Designs?

| July 15, 2013

Here at Project Nursery, we don’t shy away from a chance to have some fun with design. It’s with great excitement that we announce our “Embrace and Win” contest in partnership with Bravado Designs. Inspired by their much-anticipated Essential Embrace Nursing Bra, this month-long contest is packed with fabulous prizes—daily and weekly […]

Design Reveal: Silver Safari

| January 21, 2013

Safari is a classic nursery theme that I happily get requests for over and over. Gentle giraffes and adorable elephants are images many parents (and I!) love to see in children’s rooms. Traditionally, my work consists of carefully painted images complete with meticulous shading and detail, like my classic Safari landscape mural below. […]

2013 Nursery Trends: Vintage Made Modern

| December 11, 2012

The Jenny Lind crib is a tried-and-true classic. This crib has popped up in our gallery countless times, and we’ve noticed that it’s usually paired with a vintage or traditional nursery style. Since we love the idea of taking a classic look and putting an updated spin on it, we decided to design a vintage […]

Ultimate $3000 Giveaway: Styling with Stokke & My Tiny Nest

| May 10, 2012

They say that the cobbler’s child never has shoes, so what happens when a nursery designer’s little girl is born? Well, it’s the opposite of the age-old proverb—this cobbler’s child gets the Louboutins of nurseries. We wanted to share some of the images and elements of Alessia’s little lady’s tiny nest. Blending white, gray and […]

Giveaway: Storytime Rocker by Nurseryworks

| March 23, 2012

There are so many wonderful moments in parenthood, but there is something magical about snuggling up with your child while reading a book together. Reading together is a pivotal part of the bedtime routine in my family, but it is also just a great way to bond with your child and foster a love for […]

Design Board: Go Bold, Go Red!

| July 21, 2011

When choosing a color palette for the nursery, many parents lean towards soft pastels or neutral color combinations because it’s comfortable. I completely understand; it’s baby’s first room after all, and the idea of a serene and comforting space seems fitting. On the flip side, it is always fun to design a unique room, so […]

Giveaway: Modnique’s Kid-Centric Private Sale + Giveaway!

| November 22, 2010

Private sale sites are hot these days and while you may already have your favorites, we want to introduce you to Modnique offers their members limited time sales events of 50-85% off authentic, designer merchandise. Items range from accessories, apparel to home decor and much more. And why are we interested? Modnique is now […]

Mom’s Day Special: Sylvie Pillows

| May 4, 2010

Let’s admit it, nursery seating is all about Mom. Whether you prefer the glider to the rocker or rocker to chaise, countless hours are spent feeding, reading and sleeping in your chair. So why not accessorize it?  Just as you would add a few decorative throw pillows onto your bed or couch, consider crowning your […]

The Rocker Debate

| January 12, 2010

The big debate…chair or no chair?? I fought with myself for weeks trying to decide whether or not to get a “glider/rocker” for the arrival of my 2nd baby. I did not splurge with the first child so my rationale was there was no need this time around. I started to think how nice it […]

Five Fresh Ones From Nurseryworks

| August 25, 2008

They’ve done it again! More reasons to look on the bright side when dragging yourself into the nursery at three in the morning for that feeding you swore you were going to somehow do away with! Nurseryworks, our favorite makers of ultra stylish furnishings for baby’s first room have just come out with five new amazing […]


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