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In honor of Read Across America Day, we gathered the Project Nursery team to discuss books for baby. We are firm believers in reading to your baby from the day they are born. Here are some books that were favorites of our own babies so you can help build your own baby’s library. […]


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As a mother of a young child who is just learning “the love of reading,” anytime I can create a space that enhances the experience or invites more book time I am for it. There are so many ways to build a special space for quiet reading. By adding more pillows to your bed and alternating the direction of pillows


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Giveaway: I See Me! Personalized Books

I See Me! Books

I think we can all agree that reading with your kids is an extremely enriching activity for both children and parents. Not only are your children learning a healthy love of reading, you are also spending quality time with your kids—not to mention the magic that books have at bedtime! It’s the perfect activity for relaxing together and winding down


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Giveaway: Storytime Rocker by Nurseryworks

Storytime Rocker by Nurseryworks

There are so many wonderful moments in parenthood, but there is something magical about snuggling up with your child while reading a book together. Reading together is a pivotal part of the bedtime routine in my family, but it is also just a great way to bond with your child and foster a love for reading. It’s never been easier


Children's Books

Babybug Magazine


Everyone knows that kids love mail. My two-year-old is even pleased when I hand him a piece of junk mail to play with. But now, he can look forward to some actual mail of his own. His grandma recently purchased a subscription for him to the adorable children’s magazine Babybug. We received our first issue just last week, and my