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Vote: March Room Finalists

| March 18, 2013

We saw amazing talent in your thoughtfully designed rooms, in all types of styles, color palettes and layered patterns. It is always difficult to narrow down our monthly finalists to six favorites, but alas, the time has come. […]

Rooms and Parties We Love this Week

| February 22, 2013

The time has come! We’re ready to announce our favorite rooms and parties of the week, and boy, (or girl!), we’re excited for you to see these. The gallery was bustling with great energy this week, and we loved all the projects that came in. Here we go with our four favorites of the week. […]

Giveaway: Skip Hop’s Cool Hare!

| November 21, 2008

This is brilliant! A way to get your tot to sit still and be involved during what I call the morning hair brushing show-down (it’s like an old western movie at my house as my daughter stands across the room with her hands on her hips and stares me down. I stand on the other […]

Look at Me!

| September 2, 2008

What baby or child doesn’t love to look at themselves in the mirror? It’s pure entertainment especially when you let loose to make goofy faces, throw your hands in the air and dance like a crazy person in front of it. Anyone trying to entertain kids knows exactly what I am talking about!  So this weekend I was told […]

Mirror Mirror On The Nursery Wall!

| May 2, 2008

Mirrors are great, don’t you think? They are an easy way to brighten and open up any space. Everyone has used the old mirror over the mantel trick to make a room look larger. A mirror in your child’s room is a nice way to tie things together too. Plus, it has saved me on many […]


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