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Essential Feeding Gear for Babies

Feeding Gear for Babies

Ensuring that you have the right gear for small children makes festive holiday meals even better because they can participate in the fun. Here’s a roundup of some of my favorite feeding gear for babies […]


Baby Gear, Feeding

Products that Make Packing Lunches Easier

Rover Lunchbox from PlanetBox

My youngest son is entering kindergarten, so I’ve got lunch boxes on the brain. While some of you are still years away from sending your child to school, many of these options are also great for toddlers too […]


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Mixie Bottle: Fix Now, Mix Later


I don’t think I’ll ever forget those frantic newborn moments out and about when my babies suddenly decided it was time to eat—not in a “two to five minutes will be peachy, mom” way, but more like right NOW.  Heart racing, fingers fumbling, I could never seem to get the bottle ready fast enough, and no matter how organized my


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BabyBjörn High Chair: Dining in Style

BabyBjorn Highchair

It’s no secret that you all, Project Nursery’s readers, are a design-conscious bunch. And, as you know, good kid’s design doesn’t stop in the nursery, it should also—or even especially—apply to the baby items in the rest of your home. Who wants a giant, clunky high chair on wheels floating around their kitchen or dining room? There’s nothing like a


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Today’s Sale: Le Bibble

le bibble

I’ve uncovered a solution to prevent milk from dribbling down your baby’s chin and had to share… When I think baby gifts, I always aim for something aww-inducing but on the same token I want to give new moms something functional. That’s why my new favorite baby shower gift is the Le bibble baby bottle bib. Sure it may look


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Giveaway: Boon & Plum Organics Gift Packs

Boon Mush Manual Baby Food Maker

To think the Boon revolution started with a single messy bathtub when designer Rebecca Finell had an “ah-ha” moment and the Frog Pod was born. Today, if you browse the baby aisles of Target or Babies R Us you can’t miss Boon’s innovative and sleekly designed products which help solve daily parenting challenges.