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BOB Revolution FLEX and PRO Strollers

Bob Revolution FLEX and PRO Strollers

After the births of my babies, my role as a mother was prioritized above all else. I also quickly learned the importance of self-care in motherhood […]


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Knocked-Up Fitness: Prenatal Workouts with Erica Ziel

Prenatal Exercise with Elastics

You know Project Nursery for featuring the latest in nursery design and gear, however we’d be remiss without mentioning the most important aspect of a fabulous nursery—a mom and baby who feel incredible. We had the opportunity to chat with Erica Ziel, creator and host of Knocked-Up Fitness, a Pilates-inspired […]


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Style for Shaping the Post-Baby Body


Virtually every woman who gives birth has that moment—that moment where she looks down and wonders where the heck the body she had went and when it’s coming back. For the lucky ones, everything snaps backs like elastic. For the rest of us, we gotta work at it a little. […]


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Beat the Baby Weight: Questions with Personal Trainer Carly Pizzani

Pregnant Yoga

After having my third baby, my body did not bounce back as quickly as after my two previous pregnancies with my boys. I needed to take my body back, so I worked with a personal trainer at my local gym. I hated every aspect of weight training. I had a tough trainer who would exhaust me and make me sweat.


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Looking and Feeling Good During Pregnancy

Gap Full Zip Active Jacket

I just hit my 23rd week of pregnancy. I have to say, this is probably the best part of the entire nine months. My energy and appetite have returned, and although my belly is growing (by the day it seems), I still feel pretty comfortable. I really have to attribute a lot of that to working out on a regular


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Word of Mom

Prenatal Exercise

This week Johanna is offering her prenatal exercise tips and advice over at Word of Mom. You read her exercise post here on Project Nursery last week focusing on how to fit in exercise as a new mama. At What to she talks about the benefits of exercising while pregnant. And, hey, if you keep exercising while pregnant, it