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Unique Bookshelves for the Nursery

| May 6, 2013

We’re shameless nerds. We love to read—to ourselves and to our families. In an age of iPads and Kindles, we’re two old-fashioned girls who love the feel of the pages and the bright colors of illustrations for the little ones. With the love for books comes the need for shelving—lots and lots of shelving—and lately, we love adding a special shelf for the current book, the favorite read and […]

A Place for Reading

| November 15, 2012

As a mother of a young child who is just learning “the love of reading,” anytime I can create a space that enhances the experience or invites more book time I am for it. There are so many ways to build a special space for quiet reading. By adding more pillows to your bed and […]

Giveaway: Citrus Lane Care Packages

| September 21, 2012

Today we have a great giveaway from Citrus Lane—a 3-month care package subscription. Check out our video to hear more about it! Citrus Lane boxes are all about discovery. They give busy moms access to great products without all the leg work. And like we said, who wouldn’t want to receive a gift of goodies […]

Building Your Children’s Book Library

| January 23, 2012

In my last post, I wrote about book shelves. This week, I’d love to highlight some of the books that my children adore. I hope you like them. 1. Hug: Every time my daughter and I read the word “hug,” we actually hug. Yup, pretty darn cute, if I do say so. 2. Mommy Hugs: […]

Create a Book Nook for Your Child

| January 9, 2012

I find something very comforting about being surrounded by books. I hope my children inherit that same feeling, so it’s important that they have a bookcase or shelf that’s their height where they can reach for their favorite book and have a moment to themselves. These bookcases are a fun way to organize your kids’ […]

Kids Made Modern: 3 Design Projects For Kids

| June 2, 2011

I know that there are so many toy options for kids these days, it is crazy. I personally try and keep the computer games and other electronic devices from becoming too much and I have even limited video games from our house. I am still a believer that kids need to have down time. And since they can’t all sit still, crafting can be a great way to create time and space with your children, away from all the buzz.

Top Toys for Traveling

| December 8, 2010

I’m sure many of you are traveling in the car or on a plane this holiday season.  I have a few plane rides ahead of me and I’m always looking for small, light and interesting toys for my 2-year-old to play with.  These are a few of my favorites  to purchase for your travels (or […]

Giveaway: The Alphabetica Collection

| October 22, 2010

One late night I found myself digging deep to recall my repertoire of lullabies. I was brand new to the mommy job and attempting to sooth my wee one to sleep. Thankfully, a simple hum to the ABCs hit a home run and have ever since. From that night forward, I’ve become obsessed with the ABCs. Partly because letters make amazing wall art (as seen here) but mostly because my sweet baby is now a growing toddler…

Giveaway: The Netflix of Kids’ Books – 3 Winners!

| October 1, 2010

I kinda love it when my little guy wants me to read him three books before bed every-single-night. While I sometimes can’t get him to bed soon enough because mommy needs a break, I am always a sucker for when it comes to reading. So when I was recently introduced to I thought the concept was true genius, guaranteed to be a smashing success. Why? Because in today’s tech savvy society, we are able to rent movies, handbags and even friends! So two San Fransisco families thought, why not kids books? Think Netflix meets children’s books…

Join Us At Sophie’s Book Club!

| June 28, 2010

Children’s designer Jayneoni Moore, aka Boom Boom Room is at it again. She’s raising awareness and stressing the importance of early childhood reading by encouraging parents to read to their kids all summer long. The launch of “Sophie’s Book Club” is taking place at the fun-loving kiddie inspired bookstore, Storyopolis. Families are invited to come […]


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