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Create Your Holiday Wishlist Today with Pinwheel!

Little List

The Project Nursery team loves to holiday shop! Not only in The PN Shop but, as we brainstorm our holiday checklists, we also love to browse online, check out other favorite gift guides and scope out what’s hip and cool […]

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Baby Gear

Katy’s Baby Registry Advice

Baby Registry Advice

Why is it that as soon as you announce that you’re expecting, everyone has an opinion about everything? Everything, it seems, except how to register for the things you’ll really need once baby arrives. […]

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Giveaway: weeSpring Fans’ Favorites Prize Package

WeeSpring Giveaway

weeSpring is an online social site that allows real moms to give and receive advice on baby products. Today they are sharing some of their fans’ favorites with the Project Nursery community and wrapping them up in a fabulous prize package. […]

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Baby Registery: Bibs

best bibs

I’ll be honest. I have each type of bib listed below. After two babies, I’ve found different bibs serve different purposes. Some are great for babies who spit up, some for super drooly teething phases, others are great for absorbing all those milk drips, and some are great for catching crumbs for early self feeders. […]

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Baby Gear

Baby Registry: Diaper Pails

Diaper Pails

So many wonderful things come along with having a baby, but another truth is the sheer number of diapers that they go through! Believe me, you’ll want to have a great diaper pail to stash them. Here are some choices. […]

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Baby Registry: Nightlights

Nursery Nightlights - Project Nursery

Whether you’re peeking in at your sleeping baby or wandering in sleepy eyed for night feeding, nightlights are a must in the nursery. The low light helps keep both you and baby in the sleepy frame of mind, making it easier to put baby back down to sleep. […]

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