Zen Spa 8th Birthday

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A fabulous zen spa party to celebrate my little girl's 8th birthday!  From manicures, pedicures to facials and much more...it was definitely a day of pampering!

Project Details

In order to give the girls a true spa experience, I provided them with the best spa essentials from luxurious spa robes, pedi-slippers, hair wraps to the finest salon products.  I designed a spa retreat with a clean and fresh zen vibe that featured pedicure, manicure and make-up stations for the girls to enjoy.  I also made all of the delicious desserts featured on the "spalicious" dessert station: fresh fruit strudels, kiwi cream cheese cupcakes, coconut almond truffles and chocolate coconut macaroons!


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    Wow, this kind of party totally rocks! Love your attention to details. I am so giving my daughter a spa party next year!!!

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    OMG I have a baby girl she is 9 months today and I cant wait till I can plan a party like this.Thank you for sharering you ideas.

  5. 5

    Thank you, Chiquitina! I have two little girls myself, so I know that you will definitely have a blast planning & hosting future parties for your little darling :) I had so much fun planning this spa party for my oldest daughter! I bet your spa party will be fabulous too….just a few more years for you though, hehehe! Enjoy & have fun always! :)

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    I have to tell you I have a 23 years gilr and a 18 years boy and now my baby girl Manuela 9 months and Im crazy about everything you do!!! it s so pretty Hope you undertand my english ha ha ha. I’ll keep checking your new projects!!! Thanks for sharing.

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    This party looks awesome!! Where did you get the puff pastry and strawberry thing? Do you have a recipe for it??? Thanks!!

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