Winter Woodlands Baby Shower

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A Project For

Ellie Jo


Due 1/2013




A Fall brunch baby girl shower.

Design Inspiration

I was inspired by autumn. the forest and baby woodland animals

Decorating Style

Playful and fun.

Project Details

I was inspired by a cute baby woodland animals banner from etsy by  I bought many things from etsy to complete the theme: pink felted acorns, Woodland animal die cuts, painted alphabet blocks  I also bought moss, moss balls and cute bark vases from

Favorite Items

We had a create a onesies corner.  Instead of paints we used fun fabrics and fused them on the onesies- they turned out so cute and can actually be worn!


Use the season to inspire you.


  1. 1

    Lovely theme. I like the onesie design contest where you used fabric cutouts instead of colored pens or markers . Your cake is cute too.

  2. 2

    Where did you get the fabric diecuts and how’d you fuse them together?

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