Winter Wonderland 1st Birthday

  • IMG_89181/22
  • Chocolate Snowballs (3)2/22
  • Cupcakes (3)3/22
  • Gumballs (1)e4/22
  • Gumballs (2)e5/22
  • Hot Chocolate (1)e6/22
  • Hot Chocolate (2)7/22
  • IMG_88778/22
  • IMG_89009/22
  • IMG_893210/22
  • IMG_894311/22
  • IMG_8966e12/22
  • IMG_8968e13/22
  • IMG_8970e14/22
  • IMG_9019e15/22
  • IMG_910616/22
  • Ladyfingers17/22
  • Marshmallows (1)e18/22
  • Milk (1)e19/22
  • Milk (7)e20/22
  • Milk (9)e21/22
  • Rice Krispie Treats (1) 222/22


This party was styled for a friend whose daughter turned 1 in December.

Project Details

Every little detail was planned to fit within the winter theme right down to the editable hanging snowflake cookies! Each food item was ‘winterized’; there was snow on all of the tables and snowflakes everywhere you looked. I’ve seen many winter wonderland parties use pink and aqua, but very few incorporate lavender. Every little girl needs a touch of purple at her party!


Details of the party included hot chocolate cup cozies made from cable knit sweater sleeves, a painted canvas back drop featuring white vinyl snowflake decals, white branches adorned with shimmering snowflake cookies, giant chocolate covered marshmallows, crystallized glass milk bottles, and shimmer snowflake fondant cupcake toppers.


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    Absolutely gorgeous– you really captured that winter wonderland feeling with your attention to details!

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