Wild Baby Shower

  • Advice Tree1/12
  • Beverage Table2/12
  • Table Decor3/12
  • Already with the Bling!4/12
  • Handmade Cookies5/12
  • Diaper Cake Table6/12
  • Entering the Party7/12
  • Flower Arrangement8/12
  • Up Close of the Good Stuff!9/12
  • Food Table10/12
  • Look Up!11/12
  • Photos of Mom and Dad to be12/12


Hailey's first big bash.. though still in the womb!  A beautiful pink and green animal print decorated baby shower.

Design Inspiration

Inspiration came from the pink and green leopard print invites we found.. of which I have no pictures! :(

Decorating Style

I am crazy about animal print.. any and everything animal print!!!

Project Details

Most everything was hand made.  The invites we blank, and my mom's friend printed them.  The "advice tree" was made by my mom.  She just spray painted a tree branch she found, hand painted a cheap ceramic flower pot in the pink and green cheetah print to match the invites, and stuck it together!  The table decor and arrangements were made by a dear family friend using feathers, flowers, and beads.. and anything else she came across that matched!

Favorite Items

Well, at the time, my favorite item was the food table ;)  But as far as design, I adored the advice tree!  After the shower, I reused the pot for real plants, and had my mom paint some things for my daughter's nursery!


Don't be so specific when you choose your theme.  Just get an inpiring piece and go wild from there.. literally!

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