Whimsical Forest Nursery

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The bed was key to my inspiration. My daughter was almost two when we moved to our new house. I wanted to make her room feel magical and special especially her bed to get her out of ours oh my... also big enough for me to fit in oh dear... and good thing we did... I designed the bed from Pinterest inspiration. Drew up the plans and my husband built it. I wanted it to sit on the ground so she wouldn't roll off. Her bed serves as a play place and a sleep place. It's a house style bed. With Pom poms and lights. She loves it. Some days it's her boat. Some days it's her barn or dollhouse. It stimulates her imagination and I am sure her dreams too.

I was pregnant at the time and my nesting urge was strong. I was waiting for the gender of our expecting babe so I did not start on her nursery so all my efforts went into my toddlers room. I decided on a bunny wallpaper from anthropologie. It was very whimsical and we spend a lot of time in the Forrest so I wanted that to be part of her room since it a very big part of our lives. I made a gallery wall with forest creatures and dream catchers and refinished a mid century modern dresser.

a lot of love went into this room from my husband and I because we love the little girl in it so much. She's our world so we wanted hers to be extra special.

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