What’s the Word on the Street? Miles is 2!!!

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My son, Miles, LOVES Sesame Street right now, so I decided to use the classic children's tv show as the inspiration for the theme of his party.  We also decided to do a breakfast party and start it at 10 AM (just like Sesame Street starts on our TV at home!)  The unique time of the birthday seemed to be a hit!  From the cupcake toppers to the napkin holders...there are ALOT of details in this party!  With my mom's help, we created a party that we were proud of and, most importantly, Miles and his family and friends had such a fun time at!

Design Inspiration

My inspiration for his party came from the classic children's TV show, Sesame Street.  Who doesn't like Sesame Street?!?  I think deep down, everyone does and everyone has their own favorite character...hence, the inspiration to the tables!  Each table was character-themed!  There can be so much you can do with this theme...I loved how it came out!  :)

Decorating Style

I like to focus on the details...the little touches in a party.  I like to be organized with my thoughts and I also like the party, itself, to be organized...down to the actual timing of how things go during the party!

Project Details

For the party package, I used Lisa Kay Designs...I HIGHLY recommend her...she is amazing...she can be found on Facebook and Etsy.

Miles' crown was handmade by Lori Savage...she has an Etsypage...shopthefeltmarket...having a crown made from her is starting to be a tradition!

Miles' shirt was handmade by Rachel from *golden*!  This is my first shirt from her and, surely, not my last!  It was a hit and very well made.

 *mia mamarazzi*...a close friend of mine...she took all of the photos at his party, so I wouldn't have to worry about that!  :)

Favorite Items

SOOOO many things to choose from...but I loved how The Count's Learning Center came out...being a teacher...it was a great game/station to have at this kind of party!


Plan, plan, plan...and plan some more!  I try to think of everything, but that never happens...I like to start looking and ordering things a few months in advance and get my foundation to what I want the party to look like, have, etc...then, I have lots of time to come up with new or better ideas, "fix" things, visualize, etc.


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    This was such a fun and colorful party! I thought it was especially unique to have character themed tables with cupcake centerpieces! My boys had a blast at this party and there was something different to keep them entertained at every turn! Great party, great family, great fun!

  2. 2

    Yeah, who doesn’t love Sesame Street? I think this theme is indeed classic and a sure-fire way for kids to enjoy and have fun!

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