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Violet’s Nursery

  • wenbow

    5 stars!  It’s like a little baby spa ~~ so serene.  I love it, and I love your style :o)


    my nursery progress

  • mscott218

    Super cute. LOVE the armoire!

  • SharoniNoni

    Hi!  Where did you find that lovely black and white rug?

  • bbbuddy

    Lovely.  Can you share the name of the paint color on the walls?  

  • 12andcounting

    This nursery looks so clean and fresh and very calm. And I love that it looks simple and modern, nothing too ornate.  And you have quite a unique changing area. Love that you made good use of that wall feature!

  • violetlouise

    I got the rug from Target $60. The paint color is Robin’s Nest from Benjamin Moore. It’s also a No VOC paint! Thanks for the comments. I just got my crib and will post it when it’s put together.

  • JenMK

    Love the serene colour scheme! My daughter has the same ABC wall cards hanging in her nursery :-)

  • Elizabeth

    Great room! Would you mind telling me where you got the alphabet cards?

  • violetlouise

    I got the alphabet cards from a local store here in Bellingham. You can go to and order them there!

  • Heather

    Hi, Im really curious where you got those alphebet cards? I tried the link you put down and it doesnt take me to where I can get those.

  • violetlouise

    Heather, go to the website!

  • shosh

    where did you find thoses numbered wall pegs?
    did u use double sided tape for the cards??
    beautiful room!

  • violetlouise

    Shosh, thanks for the compliment. I got the letters at TJ Maxx for about $5. Also, for the alphabet cards I used those double sided sticky squares from like Office Max.

  • Marisa


    Love the room. Where is the lamp from, i love it.

  • Violetlouise

    Marissa, I got the lamp from TJ Maxx!


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