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  • Gracie

    You did a great job on Owens room and he is so adorable. I love the fabric that you used on the curtains and the crib bedding. It looks like linen! It also has that RHB look. This is a room that can grow with him and I really like the vintage items.
    Mimi did a great job on the curtains and bedding! Good luck with your bouncing baby boy!

  • Ekongs


    Thank you so much Gracie!

  • Mrs.Echon

    Great job! Black and white details against linen,love it!

  • Barbielind

    It is very nice! I am also planning on hanging a vintage world map I got sometime ago, but was not sure how to display it as it is not framed great inspiration I got from yours…

  • Julie

    LOVE this nursery! Where is the dog print with Owen’s name on it from?

  • Emily


    Thank you Julie!! The art print is from Jones Design Company she sells art on her blog. I have ordered a few things from her and have loved them all!

  • Emily


    Thank you! Can you believe it is actually navy, I know it definitely looks black in these photos though. I really need a good camera!

  • Julie


    Thanks Emily….I’m going to order one right now! And I just found your blog….it is adorable!

  • Emily


    Julie-Did you order your art print yet? Jones Design is having a sale on all her art prints today-Sunday!! Just wanted to share with you.

  • Kelly

    LOVE Owen’s nursery!! Thanks for sharing your ideas and resources. You and your mom did a wonderful job!! Where did you find your large map print?

  • Kim

    Emily, where did you get the vintage world map? I have been searching for one! Great job on the nursery!

  • Emily


    Thank you so much Kelly! It was so fun to do. I wish I could give you a source for the map, but it was actually given to my husband by his Grandmother who has passed away. So no help there, but we think it was an old map from a classroom possibly. Maybe a search for that will come up with something? Good luck!!

  • Emily

    Thanks Kim! We don’t know exactly where the map came from it was given to my husband by his Grandmother. We think it is an old classroom map?? Hope you find one!!

  • Cheyenne

    I love this room! How did you all make the bumper, do you have a tutorial on how to make it?

  • Jennifer

    Love this nursery . . . in particular, the drapes and bedding. Well done!

  • Tara

    where can I find a vintage map to hang like that?

  • Emily


    Thank you!! I will find out if my Mom used a tutorial and get back with you. I am so happy you like it!!

  • Emily


    I wish I could tell you for sure, but ours was given to us by my hubby’s Grandmother. We think it is an old map from a school. Sorry, can’t help you more!

  • Meghan

    What paint color did you choose for the walls?

  • Tessa

    I love the curtains! I’m looking for them on the website, do you remember the name and color? Love your style!

  • Chiangchanh

    Where did your mom get the fabric and how much did she need? I love the nursery.

  • Emily


    Thank you!! They are the AINA curtains from IKEA in Natural.


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