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  • Erika

    I love those curtains!!!! What fabric is that or where did you buy them??

  • raluca

    where is the dresser from? i LOVE what you did

  • Christy

    Such a sweet room! Can you tell me who painted that picture above the dresser?

  • Melisa

    We’re crazy about this room! Definitely need more details ;)

  • Stephanie

    I made the curtains myself, and I LOVE the fabric. I was a little nervous putting the orange and pink pattern on top of my turquoise striped walls, but now I think they make the room. I bought the fabric locally, but here is a link: It’s a new fabric so I don’t think it’s on their site, but you could call them about it.

  • Stephanie


    I’ve had the dresser forever. It used to belong to my grandparents. I painted it white, designed a bird pattern (got the idea from a wallpaper pattern I saw online), printed it out onto colored paper, cut it out and then used Mod Podge to decoupage to the dresser. It was fairly simple but took a bit of time! I found some great orange knobs shaped like large buttons on the clearance shelf at Anthropologie.

  • Stacie H

    where did you get the collage of pics behind the chair? super cute!

  • Stephanie


    Thanks for your comments! I actually did the painting. I bought the frame from Ikea, but I couldn’t find anything I liked to put in it (wanted something really bold and graphic) so while my son was napping I got out my paints and did it myself! I had a 3-D ultrasound picture of my daughter (she was been born yet) so I copied her profile for the little girl and then painted my dog with her. I glued some newspaper on parts of the board then painted over it to create a little texture.

  • Stephanie


    Thanks so much! I will write more as soon as I have time. It was such a fun space to decorate, and it makes me happy whenever I’m in there.

  • Stephanie

    Stacie H,

    They are alphabet cards I bought at Anthropologie. I love the illustrations. I used a 3M product meant to hold up posters that won’t damage walls to hang them up. I just checked, and they don’t currently have the same cards I have, but they do have these that are super cute:

  • Ashley

    This is GORGEOUS! My style is more modern but I still love this and felt compelled to post a comment!

  • LuLus

    Executed perfectly! Love the personal details and touches!!

  • RalphLaura

    LOVE it, so thoughtful and interesting. Definitely one of my faves.

  • Cheri

    LOVE this room so much just posted it to our Facebook page! Thank you Project Nursery for always keeping us inspired.

  • johanna

    where is the floor lamp from?

  • Lynn

    Would you mind sharing the name of the artist or source of the painting of the girl and the dog over the dresser?

  • Mhillgreene

    I just love what you did here, I can’t believe it’s not 5 stars!

  • VABookBabe

    May I ask the 2 paint colors (blue and white) brands/names? So beautiful!

  • Chris LeBrun

    Hi, Stephanie. Just found a link to your nursery and I’m so in love with the dresser you designed. Would you kindly provide a link or a name for the wallpaper company where you got the inspiration for the bird stencil? It’s the perfect touch of whimsy I’d like to add to my daughter’s changing table. I’d like to be able to use the same technique you used. Thanks so much and as the others mentioned and I’d like to reiterate, you are super talented and this nursery is an inspiration. :-)

  • kellysimmons

    Would you be willing to sell a print of the painting you did?

  • kellysimmons

    Would you be willing to sell a print of the painting you did? Love it!


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