{Vintage Poodle Birthday}

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This lovely event is very special for this family as their eldest daughter was turning 10 years old and they wanted to celebrate in style.  The theme was an easy pick since Mom loves everything vintage and shabby chic.  The birthday girl loves dogs, specially french poodles, so we paired themes to please them both.  The tone of the party was set with pastel colors, vintage flower patterns, polka dots and with that I created all the labels, favor tags, banner and invitation.  The use of doilies and ribbon was carried throughout all the setup and details.

We were so lucky to have found a ceramic figure of a french poodle to tie in the dog theme to the shabby affair.  Other items we scattered around were faux pearl necklaces, fabric rose garlands and baby pictures of the birthday girl.

For dessert we served french macarons, cupcakes, donuts, brownies, strawberry parfaits, petit fours and key lime pies.  A stunning ombre ruffle cake by Jovanna Valentín was the show piece to complete the look.  For the sweet floral centerpieces, I used Geraldine roses, Gerberas and baby rosebuds and mason jars embellished with doilies and ribbon.


Stationary and styling: Partylicious
Cake and cupcakes: Jovanna Valentín ~ Jovadiel Party Shop
Macarons: Pastry Chef Lorriane Feliciano
Desserts: Noemí Nieves ~ Pastry Gallery


Design Inspiration

Shabby chic, vintage lace, crochet and doilies

Decorating Style

Modern although this party was a totally different concept of what I am used to do.

Favorite Items

The setting:  all the furniture was scouted around my client's house.  Lots of dear treasures from great-grandma and grandma.

The cake:  Bottom tier ombre ruffle cake and the top tier a damask print with tons of flowers.

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