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Vintage Pink and White Nursery

  • http://GracieLaRae'sBoutique Jan

    Her nursery is beautiful! I used pink air in my little girl’s room also….but used a little darker pink for the other stripe. I did stripes. Her room looks so soft and dreamy.
    Love the vintage feel that the room has.

  • shuttermom


    Thank you so much! I loooove stripes, we have them in another room of the house and I think they look great!

  • Zen

    Gorgeous nursery. It looks really clean and soothing, and feminine and delicate with the colors you used.

  • shuttermom


    Thank you! :)

  • Dawn

    where did you get those plates and white frames on the wall?

  • shuttermom


    Thank you :) The plates are from various antique shops and thrift stores. The white frames are from Hobby Lobby!

  • Izzie

    Would you mind telling me which rocker and color from walmart? I have been looking and I am afraid to order one since their are so many to choose from! It’s a beautiful room.


  • Jennifer

    Soooo beautiful! So serene and light. I can see why it is your favorite room in the house!

  • shuttermom


    Thank you :) I don’t remember the name of the rocker and recently when I tried to look it up on their website, I was unable to find it. I am wondering if it’s discontinued? So sorry, I’m sure that isn’t much help… I should mention that I bought it over 3 years ago for my first baby so it wasn’t a recent purchase!

  • shuttermom


    Thank you so much!

  • Alexandra

    What a beautiful nursery! I love that doll house! Can you please let me know where you got the rug? It is exactly what we have been looking for and have been unable to find. Thank you!

  • Kristen


    hi! The rug is actually two smaller rugs that I pieced together to make a larger one. I purchased them at a discount store called “Ollies” here in east TN. They are just basic shag throw rugs. Hope you find what you are looking for! :)


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