Vintage Inspired Room for Adelynne

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A vintage inspired room that I painted, embellished, repurposed, or handmade almost everything you see.  The quilt, pillows, curtains & window seat cushion were all made by my fabulous mom.

Design Inspiration

I wanted to create a vintage feel and have aspects that every little girl would love, like a rocking horse and dollhouse.

Decorating Style

Definitely vintage inspired, shabby chic.

Favorite Items

I actually have 2.  One is is the trunk I painted and stenciled. It was a black leather trunk, which you would never know now.   I found a great knob and glued it to the front to add some interest.  I also LOVE all of the beautiful things my mom has designed and hand sewn for the room like the quilt.  It's more than just a beautiful item, but something that can be passed down.



As I previously posted on here (my other daughter's nursery)....Attention to detail. Whatever type of room you are going for, make sure your accessories reflect that.  I really searched for old looking items and a lot of them I had to buy and paint/distress to make them look that way.

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