Vinny’s Nursery

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A gender neutral nursery with pops of color and patterns.


Design Inspiration

I found a lot of inspiration on Pinterest and Project Nursery.  My curtains and You Are My Sunshine artwork were my first purchases.  From there I just started adding pieces I loved and the rest fell into place.

Decorating Style

Clean, modern, simple.  Less is more.

Project Details

Paint – Elephant Skin by Behr

Chevron Crib Skirt and Striped Curtains - Etsy shop: Modifiedtot

Crib & Dresser - Capretti Toscana Collection, purchased from Cribs to College Bedrooms

Glider & Ottoman - Babies R Us

Yellow Table - Homegoods

Owl Lamp - Target

Owl Nightlight - Gifted

Stuffed Owl - Pier One

You Are My Sunshine artwork - Etsy Shop: GoJumpInTheLake

Woven Basket with Chalkboard front - Target

Tissue Poms - Etsy shop: PomLove

Patchwork Blanket & Yellow Geometric Print Pillow - Etsy shop: theredpistachio

Siberian Husky Throw Pillow - Etsy shop: AdrianaWillsie

Favorite Items

I love everything!  BUT if I had to pick one item, it would definitely be the curtains.


Don't be afraid to throw in colors and/or patterns that don't match perfectly.


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    Love the Elephant Skin colour! In one of your photos there is an angle from the entry way I think. The small wall looks really dark beside the door. Is that a darker paint colour or is that what Elephant Skin looks like with not a lot of light? I’m thinking of doing the colour and wondering about doing an even darker accent wall. Thanks!

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