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Veda Jane’s Carnival Nursery

  • Kimmy Doraine

    I’m not a fan of the pink-and-white mixed together with the black-and-white, but you won me over with that carnival tent ceiling. It’s really a fun twist to the theme!

  • Terra Cooper

    This is pretty much the cutest nursery I’ve ever seen! :D

  • Jennifer Moore

    I love all of these rooms. However, I’m wondering about the bumpers being used in all of these cribs when that is not recommended due to sids etc. Maybe they are removed and are just for the photos…. anyway, this is concerning as I know of people that have lost babies this way…

  • Jennifer Moore

    Can somebody address my concern about the bumpers being used? I know is Canada we are recommended not to have anything like this in cribs…

  • Ashley D. Mommy to be

    I understand your concern however I don’t funk this is the place for your remarks. We ALL do what we feel is safe for our littles. This is a SAFE place for people to post pics of their amazing and inspirational designs and ideas. Whether or not they chose to keep bumpers in their cribs has nothing to do with their design.

  • Terra Cooper

    I know recently the recommendation for removing bumpers has came out, even in the United States. Having said that however, there is still no evidence of what actually causes SIDS. I am a volunteer photographer for Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep and see many SIDS cases, all of which had nothing to do with a bumper. Now they are researching if it has to do with something in their brain. It may also be caused by some kind of Apnea. I agree with above ^^ this is a design blog and many parents do remove the bumpers during the high risk stages of SIDS.

  • Jillian Scotts

    Congrats! I just read the blog section and saw you won “readers’ favorite nursery” for the week. You deserve it!

  • Alaina Okapal

    This is a fun idea! What paint color was used for the teal?

  • Louise

    Oh Hannah, what an amazing nursery. It must have been difficult to sell your house with that fun of room. I’m sure you’ll do something equally cool in the new house.


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