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Up, Up, and Away: Saige and Zac’s Twin Nursery

  • Janice Nachbar

    This is the most tranquil room for babies. It had to be hard to create a gender neutral room. How refreshing to not see pink and powder blue. Great job.

  • LarzyB

    I love that you painted the back of the door!

  • LarzyB

    What size balloons did you order??

  • Jenny

    I’ve been looking for a rug like this but hadn’t thought to look at Costco. Is this rug the cream/white one from the Majestic Shag collection? (|90608|56615|4489&N=4048887&Mo=17&pos=0&No=14&Nr=P_CatalogName:BC&cat=4489&Ns=P_Price|1||P_SignDesc1&lang=en-US&Sp=C&ec=BC-EC10595-Cat56615&topnav=)

  • Jennifer

    Really fun and sweet – love the red door and hot air balloon!

  • Lisa Fero Interiors

    Thanks so much for the nice comments. I had so much fun designing this room.

    The rainbow colored balloon is the large size (22″H) for $79.99 and the red and blue balloons are the medium size (11.8″H) for $39.99.

    Sorry Jenny, not sure if this is the rug. I was looking for a shag rug, but all the rugs I found were $400-$500 which I did not want to spend. This one was approx $150 and it is so super soft. I shop Costco often (with twins I go through a lot of diapers and wipes!) and just happen to see it in the store.

  • Susan

    I love this room!! It’s beautiful. Where is the bedding from? So pretty!! My boy/girl 13 months old twins still don’t have a decorated room. You’re giving me inspiration.

  • Megan

    LOVE the hot air balloons!!!! Been looking for some great ones to hang over the crib as a “mobile”.
    I just got that same rug from costco! LOVE IT! sooo soft!

  • Lisa Fero Interiors

    Thank you Susan! The bedding was custom designed with Carousel Designs. I am so happy the room inspired you. I actually offer virtual design and can send you examples. If interested email me at

    Megan…the babies love watching the hot air balloons spin. It brings a smile to their faces. I agree, the costco rug is so soft!

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