{Up, Up and Away Baby Shower}

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A Project For

Baby Shower


Puerto Rico


So happy to share with you this fantastic and beautiful baby shower we styled for my friend Ilianetsie's Baby Shower!  Turns out this will be her third little boy, so we wanted to make something simple but fabulous.  A ladies only brunch with 50 of her closest friends and family.  We went with the hot air balloon theme simply because we've never done it before and she seemed like she was on cloud nine with this baby.

Design Inspiration

Hot air balloons

Decorating Style


Project Details

I immediately decided that we needed hot air balloons so I got these huge baskets along with some jumbo balloons from GloboArte and created two of them.  I also created the centerpieces using balloons and fresh flowers on burlap covered vases. The whole setup was very whimsical.  We wanted to give it the feeling of being in the sky, so we decided on a blue background, white tablecloths and a fluffy rug for the gift opening area.  One of the hot air balloons would be used for stacking up all the cute gifts for baby.  A monogrammed pillow rested on the modern rocker were Ilia would sit. Guests were greeted with a different version of the hot air balloon made out of tissue paper balls embellished with paper rosettes, ribbon and rope.  I found a darling book with a hot air balloon theme were guests would sign in and write their wishes for the baby.  I created the usual water bottle labels, cloud embellishments for striped straws, dessert labels, cake topper, and the banner hanging between two clouds hanging from the 'sky'.

Party styling, paper products & photography: Partylicious
Cake & cupcakes: Jovadiel Cake Designs by Jovanna Valentín
Desserts: Noemí Nieves ~Pastry Gallery
Macarons: Pastry Chef Lorriane Feliciano
Balloons: Johanna Padín ~GloboArte
Candy cups, goody bags, striped straws and wooden spoons: Shop Sweet Lulu

Favorite Items

My favorite items are the large hot air balloons, centerpieces and cake!



  1. 1

    You version of hot air balloons are so cute! Love your use of pastel colors, too.

  2. 2

    Where did you purchaee the baskets from?

  3. 3

    Sorry, purchase :)

  4. 4

    @85015f67cde8c157f5d30d39cc6f1c60:disqus, the baskets are from Marshall’s! :)

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