Tulee’s Green Baby Shower 2012

  • T shower1/13
  • T shower22/13
  • T shower 33/13
  • T shower 44/13
  • T shower 55/13
  • T shower 66/13
  • T shower 77/13
  • T shower 88/13
  • T shower 99/13
  • T shower 1010/13
  • T shower 1111/13
  • T shower 1212/13
  • T shower 1313/13


My friend was having a baby and I offered to host the baby shower.  :)

Design Inspiration

Tulee's loves the color green. So the perfect cake was a frog!

Decorating Style


Project Details

I have a cake lady that charges me $30 for the cake + cupcakes! I already owned the the lemonade container. I ordered the lollipops online for something fun I added them to lemon drops in the containers. We decorated plain white bibs and onesies.

Favorite Items

I loved the cake, the material banner flags and the poofs!


Look for inexpensive fabric and cut out the flags, attach to twine and you have a super cheap decoration!

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