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Travel/Cultural Themed Nursery

  • Judy

    The room looks great! I am very interested in the name/birth time sign, was it a DIY? thx!

  • Annie

    I love the multi-cultural inspiration. I bet your baby looks really beautiful! I haven’t seen how Indian/Chinese would look combined, but I know multi-racial people are exotic and just rare beauties. I am multi-racial myself so I know. LOL!

  • Rupa

    Yes, it was DIY and a real labor of love! I had my parents write out his name in Tamil (the Indian language they speak) and I found an app online that had Tamil font. I enlarged it and printed it out. Then I cut it with an exacto knife and traced it onto the canvas (after I had painted the canvas blue with some leftover wall paint). I filled in the characters with acrylic paint markers. I did the same with the Chinese characters.

  • Rupa

    We think our boys are pretty cute! That’s the beauty of Hawaii, practically everyone is multi-racial and they’re all gorgeous and unique!


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