The Greatest Show on Earth – Oliver’s Circus Birthday!

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Design Inspiration

pinterest and project nursery

Favorite Items

I loved how my husband "tented" our family room with streamers and so did Oliver.  I also loved the circus tent behind the food table and his monthly photos being displayed with the favors.


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    Everything looks really fun and happy and really in tune with the circus theme. By the way, where did you get those patterned frames above the fireplace?

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    I love everything about your party! Where did you get your labels, invitations, popcorn boxes and cupcake holders from?

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    Love everything about this party and I’d love to use some of the ideas. Hope you don’t mind. And where did the invitations come from? And all the paper goods? PaperSource store?

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  7. 7

    The invites are from my etsy shop, :)
    Pinwheels I made myself, and the popcorn boxes and cupcake holders were from oriental trading co

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    I use non-permanent command strips. Work Great. PS. I indeed love the simple of Oliver’s Circus Birthday! So Cute.

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    I absolutely love everything about this party! I have a few questions, where did you find the cute paper plates etc. Also where did you find the yellow and white boxes holding the goldfish? Also where did you find the stuff to make the banners? And lastly where did you find the cake topper? Thank so much! :-)

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