Teeny Tiny Gentle Vintage Nursery on a Budget

  • Nursery After1/10
  • Nursery Chair2/10
  • Nursery Drawers3/10
  • Nursery Light4/10
  • Nursery Wardrobe5/10
  • Nursery Gallery6/10
  • Nursery Cot7/10
  • Nursery Lamp Stand8/10
  • Nursery Drawers9/10
  • Nursery Decals10/10

Project Details

Please refer to my blog post here for information about the nursery including before pics, the cost break-down, project tutorials and list of sources.


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    I love the subtle and neutral colors, as well as the simplicity of this room. They make the room very flexible decor-wise.

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    I saw this on your blog first and wondered if you’d post it here. Excellent job, it has a soft sophistication.

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