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Teacups & Tutu’s 2nd Birthday Par-tea

  • Sabrina-PN

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  • ElizabethAckley

    Beautiful, Johanna!

  • Sabrina-PN

    Congratulations for being one of our favorite projects of the week!

  • MichellB

    GREAT JOB Johanna!!!!

  • Laurel

    So beautiful!!

  • Monica Chitwood

    It all looks AMAZING, Johanna! So honored that my invitation design and a few printables were a part of this gorgeous party!
    {Lemonade Design Studio}

  • Chantel Nasits

    This is the most beautiful party, hands down!

  • louann

    wonderful photos, Chan!!!

  • Kristy

    I want this same party for my next birthday. Just change the 2 into a 40 and make the tutus a little bigger! This is FABULOUS!!!

  • Jena Armondo Ellsworth

    Awesome!! Such a beautiful party. You can tell all the creativity, hard work and love that went behind this party. By far the best out of this month’s finalists!

  • Michelle

    I love EVERYTHING about this party!!! Each detail complimented the overall theme to make it PERFECT!

  • Johanna

    Thank you all for your very sweet comments!

  • A Corvette guy!

    WOW! looks like an alice in wonderland meets princess setup…..very nice

  • CJ’s mom

    From corvette forum?

  • Cameron Stimson

    There are so many adorable details! Great job! I love the ombre cakes for each girl, such a cute idea! I’ve recently developed an obsession with spray paint too! :} Your daughter is precious! Happy Birthday to her!

  • Jason

    Looks awesome :)

  • Johanna

    Thank you to all our family, friends, co-workers, business colleagues, and friends of friends who voted for Teacups and Tutus. We are truly blessed to have such supportive friends and family.

    The other parties were also amazing, creative, and beautiful (I see a themed playdate in my daughter’s future) and are the result of loving, creative moms as well as a lot of hard work (not to mention some of the understanding husbands). :)

    Thank you PN for having nominated Presley’s party.

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