Teacups & Tutu’s 2nd Birthday Par-tea

  • Presley's 2nd bday partea 6071/54
  • Presley's 2nd Birthday Par-tea2/54
  • Presley's 2nd bday partea 5243/54
  • Table set for little girls4/54
  • Presley's 2nd bday partea 6295/54
  • Presley's 2nd bday partea 6796/54
  • Presley's 2nd bday partea 6777/54
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  • Presley's 2nd bday partea 52813/54
  • Presley's 2nd bday partea 44914/54
  • Presley's 2nd bday partea 35315/54
  • Presley's 2nd bday partea 53916/54
  • Presley's 2nd bday partea 53417/54
  • Presley's 2nd bday partea 53318/54
  • Presley's 2nd bday partea 52719/54
  • Presley's 2nd bday partea 32220/54
  • Presley's 2nd bday partea 18421/54
  • Presley's 2nd bday partea 15722/54
  • Teacup Cakeballs23/54
  • Presley's 2nd bday partea 52624/54
  • Push pop sixlets25/54
  • Presley's 2nd bday partea 53126/54
  • Who doesn't love cotton candy27/54
  • Gumball Necklaces for the little girls28/54
  • Vintage frame used for Sweets Table29/54
  • Orange Creams30/54
  • Scattered frame with a 231/54
  • Dress up closet and photo station with vintage settee32/54
  • Dress up closet33/54
  • Used teacups for floral arrangements34/54
  • Little bags for little hands35/54
  • Toastie Buns Food Truck36/54
  • Presley's 2nd bday partea 80637/54
  • Gardening38/54
  • Presley's 2nd bday partea 82139/54
  • Shabby Chic Mason Jars40/54
  • Presley's 2nd bday partea 83141/54
  • Presley's 2nd bday partea 83342/54
  • Presley's 2nd bday partea 83443/54
  • Personalized Tote Bags44/54
  • Happy about cake45/54
  • Cake46/54
  • Tulle Wreath47/54
  • Pres 15248/54
  • Presley's 2nd bday partea 58949/54
  • Utensils wrapped in dollies and twine50/54
  • Presley's 2nd bday partea 63651/54
  • Presley's 2nd bday partea 64352/54
  • Sip don't slurp53/54
  • Presley's 2nd bday partea 64854/54

A Project For

Presley's 2nd Birthday Party




San Antonio, TX


For my daughter's second birthday I wanted soft, sweet colors and what little girl doesn't love to twirl around in a tutu?! The party is a combination of DIY projects, items from vendors (I discovered I was not very good at making tulle pom items), and reuse of items (I have used those mason jars for my wedding, baby shower, Presley's 1st birthday, and now her 2nd).

Decorating Style

I love shabby chic, vintage looks and kept getting drawn to that style.

Project Details

This party was about 8- 10 months in the making. The day after Presley's 1st birthday I already had the theme in mind and knew that I wanted pink and orange shades. It's not your typical tea party however, I tried to incorporate teacups where I could such as the cake balls, printables, teacups purchased from flea market and used for floral arrangements. I also didn't overdo it on the tulle but, wanted subtle and sweet touches of tulle such as the pom garland, tutu's for each little girl, and tulle wands. Although I did buy items from vendors I also had a ton of DIY projects. I would finish one and then get inspired to do another (with 10 months of planning it wasn't a surprise I kept adding to the details). It's all about the details! I made items such as the dress up closet which, was inspired from Pinterest, dollie poms, dollie garland (spray painting one strand pink), party hats, paper bunting, ombre mini-cakes, and floral arrangements. Photographer: CN Photography Cake: Cakes by Kathy Young Teacup cake balls, Cake pops and Macarons: BonBon Tulle pom garlands, minicake toppers, and monthly clothespin with tulle pom: Titi's Tutus Party Supplies from Shop Sweet LuLu, Shindigz Party, Catering: Toastie Buns Birthday Girl Hat: Little Pink Tractor Printables: Anders Ruff and Lemonade Design Studio Tulle Wreath: Picky Picky Peacock Burlap Happy Birthday Bunting: FunkyShique

Favorite Items

Some of my favorite items included the window frame used for sweets table backdrop, the birthday hats I made for the guests with rosettes, the dollie garland, the dress up closet I made from a dresser found at goodwill, and the photo backdrop.


Spray paint is my new favorite item! You can spray paint anything. I loved going to the flea market or goodwill to search for items I could somehow re-do, spray paint, etc. I also loved my pinterest board for this party as inspiration.


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    I want this same party for my next birthday. Just change the 2 into a 40 and make the tutus a little bigger! This is FABULOUS!!!

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    I love EVERYTHING about this party!!! Each detail complimented the overall theme to make it PERFECT!

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    There are so many adorable details! Great job! I love the ombre cakes for each girl, such a cute idea! I’ve recently developed an obsession with spray paint too! :} Your daughter is precious! Happy Birthday to her!

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    Thank you to all our family, friends, co-workers, business colleagues, and friends of friends who voted for Teacups and Tutus. We are truly blessed to have such supportive friends and family.

    The other parties were also amazing, creative, and beautiful (I see a themed playdate in my daughter’s future) and are the result of loving, creative moms as well as a lot of hard work (not to mention some of the understanding husbands). :)

    Thank you PN for having nominated Presley’s party.

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