Sweet Pea Baby Shower

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  • Sweet Pea Baby Shower Dessert Table3/34
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  • Pea Pods Made of Fondant and the Peas are Sixlets6/34
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  • Peas in a Pod Cupcakes8/34
  • Green and Purple Cake Pops9/34
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  • Green and Purple Rock Candy11/34
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  • Baby Clothes Clothesline for this Pea in the Pod Baby Shower15/34
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My mother and I hosted a baby shower for my sister. Theme was "Sweet Pea."

Design Inspiration

I found a couple of photos of Pea Pod showers and then put my own spin on it.

Decorating Style

My husband and myself own a photography studio so I wanted to create something that was PICTURE PERFECT. I love DIY projects and was very excited to get the opportunity to be creative. It was super fun to plan!

Project Details

We lined the driveway with purple and lime green balloons. We ties the balloons to golf tees! It worked wonderfully!

Instead of wrapping all the cute clothes we bought we did and clothes line display. Everyone loved it!

For the dessert table I found two old window frames and my husband and father mounted them on wooden stakes. I found some old lace my mom had and we just hung it from the top of the window frames. A family friend (who is super talented) made the cake and cupcakes. The pea pods are made of fondant and the peas are "Sixlets." I found the cake platters at "Homegoods."

We did mason jars with planted peas as the favors. We planted them a few weeks before the shower so they were all sprouting. And then we did little packets of pea seeds with each one.

I had a friend draw the family tree and we had everyone leave a finger print as a leaf.

Food & Drink: We had a local chef do PEA inspired food. He was amazing! It was all delicious! We also did an infused water bar. Cucumber/Mint, Raspberry/Lime & Green Apple/Strawberry  Oh! And Sangria!

I designed the invitation myself and had them printed through our photo lab.


Favorite Items

The candy bar/dessert bar! I just love the colors!

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