Sweet Mila’s Confetti First Birthday

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  • 12717793_1302165809810041_5475307382362637756_n (1)7/30
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  • 12745962_1219952414685902_6295910232532030709_n12/30
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  • 12697283_1302165843143371_2689391743381599817_o27/30
  • 12698500_1302165889810033_6512688757329664293_o28/30
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I wanted to create a sweet little first birthday party for my second baby girl Mila. Being a winter baby I had to be creative and come up with a bright and cheery theme. Immediately I wanted to do a confetti themed birthday party for Mila. I love the various colors of the confetti so I choose rainbow colors for the party. Mila had a blast and I had fun planning the party.

The party was held at a local Gymboree Play and Music so I also wanted to incorporate their colors so rainbow colors were perfect for that. I ordered dresses for both my girls (Mila and her big sister) to match with the theme hence the polka colored dresses.

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