Strawberry Shortcake Inspired Birthday Party

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  • Strawberry Piñata37/41
  • Strawberry Bean Bags for Bean Bag Toss38/41
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For my daughter's birthday, we decided to throw her a Strawberry Shortcake inspired birthday party.

Design Inspiration

We focused mainly on her favorite character from the show, Custard the pink cat. She also wanted rhinestones on everything!

Decorating Style

I like to think my style was whimsical, with a garden party feel. Everything was very pink, green & red.

Project Details

We had a cookie decorating station which was a HUGE hit! I also made strawberry bean bags for a bean bag toss & made a strawberry piñata.

Vendor Credits:

Event Styling, printables, photography :


Custard Cookies:


Face Painting & Balloons:

Polka Dot Balloons:

Favorite Items

My favorite item was the Strawberry Shortcake cake designed after a picture the birthday girl had chosen & the Custard the cat cookies.


Start ahead & don't rush into buying things. Have a design plan!


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