Star Wars 5th Birthday

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Brooklyn wanted a Star Wars party, complete with Darth Vador, Luke Skywalker and Stormtroopers!

Design Inspiration

I used interested a lot and tried to get creative with the food since I was limited in decor in the park's rec room

Project Details

I had made all of the kids Jedi Robes. I used 1 1/2 yards per robe of fabric that I found downtown and cult 2 years of twine as the rope. I then cut a small triangle for the neck opening, tied the robe onto each kid and voila, instant Jedi

For the table cards, Jedi Certificates and Training Cards and Thank you toppers, I used Simone Made It.

The cake was made by me at Duff's Cake Mix. Such a fun experience, I recommend it to anyone! You don' have to be a great artist, just go with your ideas!

I hired the most amazing team of performers from Best party Ever

Each child got a Light Saber from the treasure chest, purchased from Flashing Binky Lights and a good bad with a water shooter, Star Wars Pez and Star Wars tattoos.

Favorite Items

My favorite item is the cake because I worked so so hard on it! My other favorites are the robes because i sat up every night making 35 robes!

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