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A fun twist on celestial. I'm an undercover Star Wars nerd and I have a fascination with anything galactic. Naturally, I wanted to do some sort of celestial theme. However, my husband who has never even watched a Star Wars movie said he wanted a more generic look that we can easily upgrade based on what the baby grows to be into. Celestial fine, Star Wars no. Got it! I wanted to keep the room neutral as I figured all of his toys would bring in the color into the space. I took inspiration from The Storm Troopers and opted on an overall white color scheme with touches of grey and black. This chandelier from Ikea reminds me of the Death Star, which was the extent of my Star Wars inspo! We received this awesome solar system mobile as a gift which adds a pop of color to the space. The art was kept black and white and grey, although we aren't fully completed with the wall decor as of yet. We are also waiting on a monogrammed blanket for after the baby's birth. My favorite feature of the room is the half moon wall. I'm obsessed with ferm living half moon wall paper, but one wall would have costed the entire budget of my room. So I decided to DIY it. Which ended up costing me about $15 in supplies and 6 hours worth of work!


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    Great job with the room- you nailed your Stormtrooper inspo! Share some more details on how you recreated the wallpaper, please.

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    Hi! The “wallpaper” – I basically purchased a piece of foam from a local arts and crafts store so that I can trace and cut out the half moons from 3 different size drinking cups I had at home (ranging from small to large). I then attached them to cardboard for a stamped effect look and easy application. I picked up a sample size paint jar from Home Depot ($3).. that’s really all you need. If you decide to go with a fuller, less stamped look, you may need 2 of these. I then taped the walls I believe 5″ (you can do 4″ or 6″ as well depending on the look you want) apart and painted the half moon foam and started to stamp slightly onto the lines of tape. I would work with the same size a few times and then bring in the smaller and larger ones.
    As for the sheets- they are from pottery barn kids and the curtains are from h&m home. Spaceship art is from Etsy. The black and white one above the rocking chair is from target.

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