Small Vibrant Twin Nursery

  • Glass Door and Drawer Knobs1/17
  • Headband Storage2/17
  • Elephant Bust3/17
  • Color Block Wall4/17
  • Paper Lantern Mobile5/17
  • Elephant Bust6/17
  • Elephant Bust and Headband Storage7/17
  • Changing Table and Color Block Wall8/17
  • Changing Table and Color Block Wall9/17
  • Pink & Green Damask Glider10/17
  • Pink & Green Damask Glider11/17
  • Mini Crib with Tutu Bed Skirt12/17
  • Mini Crib with Tutu Bed Skirt13/17
  • Mini Crib with Tutu Bed Skirt14/17
  • Mini Cribs with Tutu Bed Skirt15/17
  • Mini Cribs with Tutu Bed Skirt16/17
  • Mini Cribs with Tutu Bed Skirt17/17

A Project For

Brynn & Hayden's Vibrant Nursery


due February 2013


Laurence Harbor, NJ


Vibrant Twin Girl nursery in shades of Pink, Green and Grey

Design Inspiration

For the twins I didn't want a cookie cutter store bought nursery.  I did know I wanted the room to be very bright as it is a small room (8x10).  I found this beautiful Pink and Green Damask fabric and fell in love with it.  I started designing the nursery from there and with the help of a fabulous friend  we got to work.

Decorating Style

Modern Elegance

Project Details

Cribs ~ DaVinci Kalani Mini Crib

Changing table ~ DaVinci Kalani 3 drawer Changing table

Changing pad cover ~

Glider ~ hand me down from friend.  Re-covered by friend with fabric from

Small 3 drawer dresser ~ Hand me down, it was my Grandfather's.  I had my brother refinish it and paint it white to match the furniture.

Side Table ~ Sears

Area Rug ~ Target

Door & Drawer Knobs & Paint ~ Lowes...Paint is all custom color from fabric used in room

Window Treatment ~ White window , Monogram on , Window and recovered by me with fabric from

Crib sheets ~ made by me with fabric from

Crib Skirt ~ made by me with tulle from

Mobile ~

I also made the Elephant bust, headband & flower storage frame and closet curtain. 

Favorite Items

My favorite parts of the nursery have to be the color block wall, the tutu crib skirts and of course the main reason for the room the re-covered glider.


Think outside the box, put your own little touches in the room and enjoy every minute of pulling everything together.


  1. 1

    It’s nice! Very clean and simple but cute. Love it.

  2. 2

    Great job, Tina. Brynn & Hayden will just love the bright colors. I especially lke your crib “tutu”.

  3. 3

    Love love love the crib skirts!

  4. 4

    Tina I love it. So creative you are. Can’t wait to meet the girls!!

  5. 5

    I love the bedding! How did you make the bed skirt?

  6. 6

    Thank you! The cribs came with a very flimsy mattress pad that I was just going to throw away. Instead I punched holes in it along the edge every 1/4 of an inch. I then doubled up the tulle and inserted the loop through the hole and fed the tulle through the loop to attach itself to the pad. No sewing necessary and super fast.

  7. 7

    Do you have a tutorial of the bed skirt design and how many rolls of tulle did you have to buy for the crib?

  8. 8

    Hi, What mattress did you buy for these cribs?

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