Shanghai Garden Tea Party

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This was a birthday party I designed for my little girl a few years ago when she was turning five.  At the time, one of her most favorite movie was Mulan.  That inspired me to create a Chinese Tea Party to celebrate her special day!

Decorating Style

Inspired by beautiful cherry blossom gardens found in the Orient, I used different shades of pink linens and incorporated various paper lanterns and paper parasol umbrellas to create the perfect setting!

Favorite Items

I took a sketch of a cake I had in mind to a local Chinese bakery and they made the most beautiful cake ever!  I loved that they followed the sketch to a T and placed each cherry blossom exactly as I had drawn on the sketch.  I made a last minute phone call to the bakery and asked them to write "Happy Birthday" in Chinese...I absolutely loved how it turned out!  I also loved the napkin holders I found that were in the shape of a traditional Chinese adorable addition to the table setting!  Guests wore gorgeous traditional Chinese dresses and were each presented with a beautiful paper parasol as they arrived to the party.


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    Cherry blossoms are such beautiful flowers. I really love seeing cherry blossoms on any type of decor. And your cake looks so wonderfully yummy!

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    Love all the details. The Chinese dresses, the fans, the parasols, the lanterns, they are all so lovely!

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