Shabby Chic 1st Birthday – Ry is 1!

  • Cake Bunting with Fabric Bits1/61
  • _MG_12352/61
  • _MG_12333/61
  • Shabby Chic 1st Birthday Cake4/61
  • Shabby Chic Dessert Table5/61
  • Shabby Chic Hand Decorated Sugar Cookies6/61
  • Shabby Chic Pink Cake Pops7/61
  • _MG_12178/61
  • _MG_12109/61
  • I Am One Shabby Chic Highchair Banner10/61
  • Chalkboard Mason Jar Labels11/61
  • _MG_120212/61
  • _MG_120113/61
  • _MG_119914/61
  • Pink Spray Painted Fence for Hanging Pictures15/61
  • _MG_128216/61
  • _MG_126817/61
  • _MG_126318/61
  • _MG_123619/61
  • _MG_123220/61
  • _MG_122621/61
  • _MG_122222/61
  • _MG_122123/61
  • Shabby Chic Beverage Dispenser24/61
  • Shabby Chic Pink Lemonade Dispenser25/61
  • Shabby Chic Rock Candy Jar Sign26/61
  • _MG_121727/61
  • Shabby Chic Rock Taffy Jar Sign28/61
  • _MG_121529/61
  • Shabby Chic Animal Crackers30/61
  • _MG_121231/61
  • _MG_121132/61
  • _MG_131933/61
  • _MG_132434/61
  • _MG_132235/61
  • _MG_131736/61
  • _MG_131537/61
  • _MG_131338/61
  • _MG_130839/61
  • _MG_130840/61
  • _MG_129841/61
  • _MG_134742/61
  • _MG_134543/61
  • _MG_134044/61
  • _MG_136745/61
  • _MG_135946/61
  • _MG_129047/61
  • _MG_129148/61
  • _MG_129449/61
  • _MG_128050/61
  • DSC_076451/61
  • 1st Birthday Chalkboard Stats Sign52/61
  • DSC_0855edit53/61
  • DSC_0845edit54/61
  • DSC_0840edit255/61
  • DSC_0840edit56/61
  • DSC_0839edit57/61
  • DSC_0829edit58/61
  • DSC_0819edit59/61
  • DSC_0818edit60/61
  • DSC_0815edit61/61


Shabby Chic 1st Birthday - very similar to her nursery

Design Inspiration

I decided to use a lot of items from her nursery as inspiration for the party decor

Project Details

Cake: a friend made

Fence for hanging pictures: old fence from my neighbor & spray painted it myself

Labels for food & drinks: Martha Stewart coasters from Joann's Fabric store - punched holes in them w/ a 3 hole punch & tied them with tulle. I bought Avery circle jar labels at Wal-Mart & printed the writing on each of them according to the instructions in the package.

Sign for treat bags: frame found at Goodwill & re-spray painted pink

Cookies: a friend from college -

Mustache mold: Hobby Lobby

Happy Birthday hat & "I'm One" panties: Mud Pie on Amazon

Birthday stats sign: a friend made

Cake Bunting: made myself with fabric bits from Joanne Fabric

I Am One highchair sign: made myself with strips of fabric & the same Martha Stewart Coasters & Avery jar labels

Any questions, please feel free to ask!!

Favorite Items

Birthday Stats sign & cake


Use existing décor you have around your house or in bedrooms...jazz them up with a bit of paint or use as is.  No need to go out & buy cheesy birthday décor.  ;)


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