Savannah’s Pink Butterfly Nursery

  • Crib1/15
  • Bookshelf2/15
  • Window valance and glider3/15
  • Cherry Blossom and Butterfly wall decals4/15
  • Glider, lamp and hamper5/15
  • Dresser6/15
  • Poem written by my grandfather for Savannah7/15
  • Closet and bedroom doors8/15
  • Diaper Stacker9/15
  • Savannah Poster and flower wall decals10/15
  • Crib11/15
  • Basket12/15
  • Glider with pillow13/15
  • Hamper14/15
  • Flowers15/15


We are expecting our first baby (a girl) in March, 2012. This is her nursery.

Design Inspiration

My aunt made the bedding set (comforter, bed skirt, sheets, mobile, pillows, lamp, window valance, diaper stacker, basket, hamper and embroidered the poem). I asked for brown and pink with a butterfly theme. The rest of the decor was based on her design. I wanted a girly, whimsical look.

Favorite Items

My favorite item is the poem my grandfather ("Papa") wrote for Savannah. He has written one for each of his grandchildren and great-grandchildren since I was born. My aunt embroidered the poem to hang in the nursery.

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    That’s so sweet of your grandfather! You’re so lucky to have a “Papa” who writes poems to celebrate the birth grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Such gestures really warm the heart.

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