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Sammy’s Disney Old School DIY Nursery

  • Valerie

    BEAUTIFUL! LOVE LOVE LOVE the drawers set!!! You can tell that that baby will be fully loved!

  • Tasha Cune

    My 4-year-old would surely love this room! She loves her Disney characters so much. Anyway, I like how colorful this room is. And oh, your Disney plush collection is really impressive!

  • MarissaS

    Cute little mobile. I didn’t know there’s polka-dotted felt cloth. I just hope your baby won’t reach out for those beads dangling below. I also like your pencil sketches. You really can draw! and the nightlight is just awesome. I wouldn’t have thought it is a DIY.

  • Valerie


    Don’t worry about the mobile, I’ll hang it higher if needed so he can’t reach out for the beads :) I didn’t know there was polka dot felt either before I came through it on Etsy. I highly recommend this seller, she’s kind and her service is A1:

    Thanks for the great comments everyone!

  • Melissa

    I just love it! What a cute idea!!

  • Bliss Design Studio

    I LOVE the mickey night light! Stunning!

  • britt

    I love the mickey mouse light but how did you make it?

  • tanya

    Just wondering what is the name of the colour of blue you used to paint the room, also what kind of paint you used as well.

  • Michelle

    We really adore this nursery as we LOVE Disney as well. How did you make the night light? It’s great!!

  • courtney

    I am doing a modern mickey room for my toddler. Can you please please tell me how you made the mickey mouse wall light? what did you make it out of? I would love to know. it looks great :)

  • Jeansay

    I love your creativity! It’s awesome that your family had a part in creating this beautiful nursery.

  • jlstahl

    I love it we were thinking about a Disney room for my 2 year old daughter and I love this Idea GREAT JOB looks beautiful


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