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Safari and Stripes Nursery

  • IngridCalloway

    I love it that you had a little nook for his toys right there. And I love the animal decals as well.

  • Shannon Whorton

    Very cute nursery, it looks very modern and clean. Love the stripes, makes a huge impact in a small room. Themes are cute but I think they should be used sparingly, this room is a good balance for a nursery.

  • hawahawa

    I think the best thing about this room is that you really made it into his room. With the toy nook, the minilibrary with the shelves of books. It’s a lovely room.

  • Hope

    I love the boppy cover! Did you use a particular tutorial? I haven’t been able to find a good one!

  • blorinc

    Thanks everyone for all the comments! I sort of made up my own pattern by using a boppy cover that I already had. I made quilt top in the rough shape (but larger) of the boppy for the top. Then I placed it down on the floor and pinned the old bobby cover (turned inside out for for seam allowance) on top as my “pattern”, and then cut around it. I did the same thing for the bottom which is a soft blue material. Finally, I sewed both pieces together with a zipper at the top and turned it inside out. Sorry if that’s confusing but I hope that helps!

  • Adriana

    what color blue did you use on the walls?

  • blorinc

    I used Olympic Merry-Go-Round (B54-2) from Lowes.

  • Grandpa

    Impressive — and such positive comments!


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