Sadie’s Nursery

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I am super excited to announce that the nursery is complete! It is exactly what I imagined in my head. I love going in there, sitting in the rocking chair and just looking at the room, thinking of what is to come! Here is the nursery for our sweet baby girl:



Design Inspiration

The bedding provided my inspiration. I knew I wanted pastels, but the bedding brought it all together. 

Project Details

Crib: BabiesRus (Gift)

Shelves: Target

Tree Decal:


Rug: Pottery Barn Outlet

Chair: (Gift)

Owl Pillow: Target


Owl lamp: Land of Nod (Gift)

Floor Lamp: Hobby Lobby- shade from HomeGoods

Closet organizer: Target

Clothes Dividers: Baby Fables on Etsy

Changing Table: HomeGoods(Gift)


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