A Rustic Chic Neutral Nursery

  • Rustic Chic Neutral Nursery1/12
  • White Washed Pallet Accent Wall2/12
  • White Washed Pallet Accent Wall with Faux Taxidermy3/12
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  • Triangle Decals on Wall5/12
  • I Love You Alphabet Accent Wall6/12
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  • DSC_0168.png8/12
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  • DIY No Sew Teepee11/12
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A Project For



18 months


Valdosta, Ga


I wanted a calm and soothing room for my daughter to feel comfortable in as she sleeps and plays. I went with a white and beige color pallet to brighten up the space as it does not get a whole lot of light. I combined a few rustic pieces along with touches of gold and glitter to add warmth and sparkle. I am so happy with how it turned out and I hope my daughter will enjoy her space for several years to come.

Design Inspiration

I'm in love with the cottage chic look and my husband is in love with the outdoorsy look. So I combined the two in a bright and beautiful way to create a rustic chic baby oasis.

Decorating Style

Vintage Shabby Chic with a little bit of sparkle

Project Details

White Washed Pallet Wall - DIY

Deer Mount - c/o White Faux Taxidermy

Wooden Letter Flag - c/o New Arrivals Inc.

Crib - Restoration Hardware (discontinued)

Bedding - Pottery Barn Kids (discontinued)

Triangle Decals - Urban Walls

Alphabet Wall Art - DIY

White Changing Table Chest - (Fred Meyers in Alaska)

Wall Shelf - Land Of Nod

Personalized Wooden Blocks - DIY

Teepee - DIY:No Sew!

"Oh The Places You'll Go" Print - Cheeky Albi

Map Letter "M" - Cheeky Albi

Ornate Mirror - Target (spray painted white)

Bible Verse Print - DIY

Gilded "L O V E" Print - DIY

Tree Branch Hanger - DIY

Favorite Items

I am so proud of the White Washed Pallet Wall my husband and I put together.


Take your time deciding on what you want your space to say or feel like when you walk in. I tried to rush into getting it all done and it showed. Several times I had to go back through rearranging and/or removing a few things to get the cohesive look that I was going for. If you are on a budget, try browsing DIY's online before going out and buying something you saw in a magazine or in the store. I guarantee you there is a "HOW-TO" out there somewhere that will be half the cost. Most importantly HAVE FUN!


  1. 1

    Love it! You have created such a calm and serene space for your little girl!
    I love the ABC wall. Did you create it yourself or did it come that way?

  2. 2
  3. 3

    Love it !!! what is the color chosen for Wooden Letter Flag ???? Thanks !!! :-)

  4. 4
  5. 5
  6. 6
  7. 7

    Hi Kristen! I wish I knew :/ It was on the wall before we moved in. I couldn’t find any left-over cans in the attic either. My apologies.

  8. 8

    Thank you Marie!! I chose ivory ribbon so that it would blend in with painted wood banner.

  9. 9

    Thank you Hailey! I so wish I knew :( The trim and walls were painted before we moved in. I looked through the attic to see if there were any leftover cans of paint and had no luck. My apologies.

  10. 10
  11. 11

    i love your white paneled doors…any chance you could tell me where they were purchased? (The nursery is ADORABLE!)

  12. 13

    Thank you for your kind words. I’m not sure where these were purchased as they camera with the house when we bought it. We love them though! :)

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