Ruby’s World

  • trash can favors1/22
  • Decorated High Chairs2/22
  • Candy Table3/22
  • Paper Lanterns4/22
  • Room View5/22
  • Room View6/22
  • Sesame Street Favors by Full of Grace & Rubies7/22
  • Ruby Street Sign8/22
  • Ribbon Candy for Sesame Party9/22
  • Table Settings10/22
  • Invitation11/22
  • Rubber Duckies in m&ms for Rubys World by Full of Grace & Rubies12/22
  • Sesame Street inspired tutu bags by Full of Grace & rubies13/22
  • Sesame Street inspired tutu bags by Full of Grace & rubies14/22
  • Abby Cadabby tutu bag15/22
  • Big Bird flowered Sculpture by Full of Grace & Rubies16/22
  • Elmo flowered sculpture by Full of Grace & Rubies17/22
  • Oscar the Grouch Flowered Sculpture by Full of Grace & Rubies18/22
  • Sesame Gang Flowered Sculptures by Full of Grace & Rubies19/22
  • Cake pops20/22
  • Cake Pops21/22
  • Dessert Table22/22

A Project For

Ruby's 2nd Birthday






Ruby’s World was my daughter’s 2nd birthday party. I I wanted to do an Elmo themed party for her without all the usual “sesame” stuff. I made the Elmo, Big Bird and Oscar from silk flowers and leaves. My favorite details were the fur and feathered covered cake stands I used on the dessert table and the drawing of the Sesame gang with Ruby. Other Elmo details: I served “Dorothy” sandwiches using Pepperidge Farm goldfish bread. We gave mini trash cans as favors filled with Sesame bath books, Elmo crayon cups, crayons, and Sesame Street story books.

Design Inspiration

My inspiration was the flowered sculptures I made for the party.  I did these first before anything else.

Decorating Style


Project Details

For the cake stand and cake pop holders, I used styrofoam cake dummies.  I covered them with fur or feathers and then sprinkled them with sprinkles so you couldn't see the foam.

Favorite Items

The cake pop stands and the flowered sculptures


I love finding a way to bring characters into a party without actually using them.  For example, using red, blue, green fur and yellow feathers.  Those details always come out terrific!

One comment

  1. 1

    I super love the colorful details! My fave are the flower sculptures and that bowl with little duckies, which provide such a cute touch!

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