Rubber Ducky 1st Birthday Party

  • Ribber Ducky Invitation1/40
  • Rubber Ducky Goodie Bags2/40
  • Duck Feet3/40
  • 13502075_10210600663879050_1784655759505245417_n4/40
  • Cheese and Quackers5/40
  • Duck Food6/40
  • Matching PinWheels7/40
  • Rubber Ducky Wine/Beer Bar8/40
  • 13413496_10210600664399063_3580957270977080986_n9/40
  • 13419170_10210600661158982_1849714059269108908_n10/40
  • 1st Year Photo Banner11/40
  • 13423966_10210600659198933_3739379262952896222_n12/40
  • Rubber Ducky Wine/Beer Bar13/40
  • Duck Pond  Grad-A-Net14/40
  • 1st Year Board15/40
  • Party Hats16/40
  • Dining Set Up17/40
  • Beer Duck18/40
  • Rubber Ducky Wine/Beer Bar19/40
  • Ducky Cake20/40
  • Waddle on Down21/40
  • Duck Beach Ball22/40
  • Family23/40
  • Duck Mylar24/40
  • Duck 1st Year Board25/40
  • Duck Pond26/40
  • Rubber Ducky 1st Birthday Party27/40
  • Rubber Ducky Outfit28/40
  • 13466091_10210600664999078_7343995930658778574_n29/40
  • 13466140_10210600662759022_3381163263510586529_n30/40
  • 13466261_10210600658278910_3541552803405288498_n31/40
  • 13466320_10210600663439039_5446345499177812000_n32/40
  • Party Deco33/40
  • Highchair Banner34/40
  • Highchair Banner35/40
  • Name Display36/40
  • 13495307_10210600663519041_4946131950699866523_n37/40
  • 13495345_10210600661358987_4584829771098859538_n38/40
  • 13501664_10210600662679020_3253971025930123137_n39/40
  • 1st Year Photo Banner40/40


My daughter's favorite toy was her rubber ducky.  She used it to play with, toss about, and teeth on...  When planning her first birthday I wanted the party to be about her and her favorite things, so a rubber ducky party it was!  Everything was focused on keeping kids of all ages busy (adult bar and rubber duck pond for kids) and entertained. Decorations were focused on 'Bubbles" - round lanterns, round balloons, round garland, and a bubble machine. If watching your pennies, the Dollar Tree was very helpful as well as borrowing the duck tubs from friends.  Also - use bubble bath for the bubble machines vs bubbles!!

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