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Roman’s Giraffe Nursery

  • Recreate

    Aww… giraffes are such beautiful creatures. Your tree wall decal with shelves is just lovely. That giraffe artwork is quite interesting as well.

  • Johanna

    where did you get the wall decal???? its awesome.

  • Gma Sandy

    Where did you get that elephant????

  • Kristen

    I am in LOVE with this room. Is there any way that you can tell me where you found the AMAZING stripped fabric? It’s EXACTLY what I want for my little guy’s (Ronan) room! Thanks!

  • Amanda

    This room is absolutely perfect!! Is there a pattern for the stuffed giraffe?

  • Jeanie

    Please note that the giraffe artwork in this nursery is a copy of my original work as sold here on Etsy:×10-giclee-yellow-gray
    Please give my work credit when pinning or blogging about this nursery. I am willing to work with customers to change colors and sizes to match you personal decor. Thank you!

  • http://www.1950swannabe.vom Laura

    Hi there…Oh how I hope you’re still reading these comments and still responding! I love the room. My little girl’s room was a giraffe theme too when she was a newborn. She’s 8 now and what’s crazy colors. I want to know if you can tell me the paint name and color. I have been searching high and low for the perfect grey to paint my living room and everything I find has too much blue or too much purple undertones. I’m just in love with the grey and yellow color schemes right now. PLEASE PLEASE PLease respond! I would be forever greatful.

  • Amanda

    I love this room! Did you also make the tree decal or is that something that we can purchase? I would love it for our first baby’s room :)

  • Marti

    I love the giraffe picture! I am going to make my own version of ut but I would love to know what colors you used to do yours. I love this entire room! Good work!!

  • Charee


    I LOVE your work. It is amazing. I am very interested in getting this image but in some different colors. Can you do this same size? I’ve also sent you a message on Etsy.

  • judyk

    It looks like the tree decal can be purchased from Simple Shapes

    Simple Shapes

    Simple Shapes on Etsy

  • Anna

    What brand of paint and what color is the Grey?

  • Natalie

    WHere did you get the girafee picture?

  • Jen

    Love the picture!! Where did you buy that?

  • sara

    Sorry I haven’t checked back on this page since I posted it. For those who asked questions I’ll try to answer quickly (although I’m sure it’s too late for most of you -sorry!). Unfortunately I don’t know what color gray I painted the walls. I didn’t keep the paint swatch but it’s just a nuetral gray from Valspar (Lowe’s brand paint). I bought several test cans of different grays and painted large chunks on the walls until I found the one I wanted. As for the tree decal, it is from SimpleShapes on I painted the giraffe picture on a stretch canvas but you can order the print version from The Paper Nut on (as noted in the comment section, and I did update my original post). I made the stuffed giraffe and elephant off a pattern sold at a local store – I can’t find the pattern to tell you the brand but the store’s website is I will keep looking for the pattern and get that posted. I will tell you though, they were labor intensive!

  • Tasha Armijo

    I have LOVED the giraffe picture, and actually pinned it months ago. FINALLY got around to painting one for my little man last night!

  • dk

    What medium did you use to attach the giraffes to the canvas?

  • Lisa B. Strickland

    Love it!! What size canvas did you use?

  • Vinca

    Hi, I love the yellow rug, wondering where did you purchase it?

  • Rachel

    What is the size of that canvas?

  • Deb K

    Where did you get that rocking chair, it’s so perfect for a small space!

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