Rock a Bye Baby Shower

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  • Rock a Bye Baby shower Invitations2/42
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  • Welcome Wreath4/42
  • Welcome Wreath5/42
  • Table signs6/42
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  • Table set-up8/42
  • Paper lanterns9/42
  • Star Favors10/42
  • Houndstooth Lamp11/42
  • Baby Name Banner12/42
  • Onesie Bunting13/42
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  • Cotton candy display15/42
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  • Houndstooth Pinwheel17/42
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  • Dessert table 228/42
  • Dessert table29/42
  • Big Brother and Big Sisters ROCK30/42
  • The mama to-be for the3rd time :)31/42
  • Star Favor Pops32/42
  • Diaper Cake33/42
  • Diaper cake details34/42
  • Baby Changing table35/42
  • Lanterns and Chandelier36/42
  • Glittery Candy Apple37/42
  • Glittery Candy Apples38/42
  • Cotton Candy Labels39/42
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I put together a "Rock a Bye Baby" shower for my bestie. It's her 3rd and final child, so I wanted this to be extra special.

Design Inspiration

For this baby shower I wanted to go a little edgy. The mama to-be isn't into the more traditional baby shower themes and neither am I, so I thought it was fitting for the baby shower. I used houndstooth patterns throughout the party to give that edgy feel but still kept it chic and baby.

Decorating Style

I used turquoise, black, white and gray as my color scheme. Paper lanterns kept it fun and the chandelier kept it glam. Key elements to keeping the baby feel to the shower were the use of the changing table, baby onesie bunting and the "Rock a Bye Baby" signs added to each table.

Project Details

Some of my favorite projects of the party: hand dyed baby onesies to create the "Boys Rock" bunting. I cut the letters for each onesie out of glittered cardstock. I made all the paper decorative items as well.


All the paper decorations are available in my Etsy shop


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    Cool! Love the combination of blue plus black and white houndstooth pattern. Your best friend is so lucky to have you as BFF!

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    This is adorable! Would you mind telling me what font you used for the “boys rock” onesies banner?

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