Reyn’s Rocky Mountain Retreat Nursery

  • Deer Nursery Bedding1/12
  • Rocky Mountain Retreat Nursery2/12
  • Woodland Nursery3/12
  • Bear Baby Nursery4/12
  • Boy TeePee Nursery5/12
  • Deer Baby Bedding6/12
  • Deer Baby Nursery7/12
  • Deer Nursery8/12
  • mint deer9/12
  • Tee Pee Nursery Design10/12
  • Woodland Baby Nursery Design11/12
  • Woodland Baby Room12/12


Baby Reyn's Rocky Mountain Retreat Nursery was a labor of love for the new parents, and we were happy to help! The family loves the mountains, and wanted to bring a bit of it back to Texas for baby Reyn's nursery design. We combined several design trends in this nursery, including the popular Deer Baby Bedding, and Woodland decor to come up with the perfect combination of mint, gray, and gold for the new arrival.

Design Tip: The adorable snow capped mountains are chalk board paint!



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