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Quinn’s Nursery

  • CreativeCrumbs

    I think the birdhouses were a nice touch, and to have them painted by Quinn’s older brothers is sweet.  :)  I think you’ve done great with this room… mod without going overboard.  I love the birth announcement on the wall.  I’d like to suggest getting something for the lounger you have there, something that would bringing it up with your color scheme… but that’s just me :)

  • rndeluca

    Thank you so much for your comment and suggestion. I TOTALLY agree about the glider. It’s the one place that I couldn’t justify buying new because we already had two of them and the good ones are SO expensive. I found the throw pillow from Dwell on clearance at Target and if you look closely at the picture you can see where I started painting the cording of the chair black with a fabric paint marker. Quinn came a bit early so that project got put on hold but I’m hoping once I finish it will help tie it in a bit more.

  • butterfly1426


  • atticuspm

    rndeluca… LOVE THIS ROOM! Today we found that we’re having a baby boy! I was wondering if you could help me out… For decal on the wall… how did you order that? I went to the site and having trouble… 1st kid so everythings new to me… please help… thanks!

  • rndeluca

    Hi atticuspm!

    Congrats on your baby boy, Quinn is my third and they are so much fun! :) For the decal you should send a personal message to the seller (she’s great – very responsive and created the custom dresser decal for me to go with the wall in no time). Tell her you’d like to order the decal and in what colors (there is a color chart listed or you can choose one already designed). She’ll then send you a custom listing which you can purchase. Good luck and so happy to be an inspiration for your room!!! 

  • CreativeCrumbs

    Four colors in the scheme!  Now that’s quite difficult to pull off.  But you did great with the room. I love it!!!  It makes me want to take my shoes off and chill :)

  • AR

    Very nice.  Loving the black wall!


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