June’s Purple, Teal and Mauve Striped Nursery

  • June Olivia's Nursey- 421/36
  • June Olivia's Nursey- 412/36
  • June Olivia's Nursey- 403/36
  • June Olivia's Nursey- 384/36
  • June Olivia's Nursey- 375/36
  • Babyletto Mercer 3-in-1 Convertible Crib6/36
  • Purple, Teal and Mauve Striped Nursery7/36
  • June Olivia's Nursey- 318/36
  • June Olivia's Nursey- 299/36
  • Teal Chair with Purple Ottoman10/36
  • June Olivia's Nursey- 2711/36
  • June Olivia's Nursey- 2612/36
  • June Olivia's Nursey- 2513/36
  • June Olivia's Nursey- 2314/36
  • June Olivia's Nursey- 2215/36
  • June Olivia's Nursey- 2116/36
  • June Olivia's Nursey- 2017/36
  • June Olivia's Nursey- 1918/36
  • IKEA KRISTALLER Chandelier19/36
  • Mailbox Painted Sea Mist Blue for Baby's Personal Mail20/36
  • Purple and Mauve Striped Nursery Wall21/36
  • Nursery Library Wall22/36
  • June Olivia's Nursey- 1423/36
  • June Olivia's Nursey- 1324/36
  • June Olivia's Nursey- 1225/36
  • Iris Painting26/36
  • Purple, Teal and Mauve Mobile27/36
  • June Olivia's Nursey- 0928/36
  • Shadow Box for Storing Baby Headbands29/36
  • June Olivia's Nursey- 0730/36
  • June Olivia's Nursey- 0631/36
  • June Olivia's Nursey- 0532/36
  • June Olivia's Nursey- 0433/36
  • Nursery Wall Art Idea34/36
  • June Olivia's Nursey- 0235/36
  • Painted Purple Dresser with Sea Mist Blue and Gold Knobs36/36

A Project For

June's Nursery


6 weeks


Cleveland, Ohio


Photos courtesy of Julina Marie Photography

A sweet striped purple, teal and mauve nursery for our baby girl, June.

Design Inspiration

All things pretty! I didn't want to be subjected to a certain nursery theme. If it was pretty, I included it!

Decorating Style

Bright, colorful, eclectic, budget-friendly

Project Details

Paint Colors - Sherwin William's "Vaguely Mauve" (Lighter Color) and "Chaise Mauve" (Darker Color)

Teal Chair - World Market

Purple Ottoman - Target

Rug - Costco

Babyletto Crib - Target

Chandelier - IKEA

J is for June Print - Laura Caya Design

Book Shelves - IKEA

White table shelf - Marshall's

Gold mirror - Target - painted from black to gold

Closet Shelving - Home Depot

Iris Painting -  World Market

Crib Wall Prints - Clipart from Collective Creations - Etsy

Dresser - Craigslist - painted from Brown to Purple

Owl Lamp - Hobby Lobby

Blue Diaper Garbage Bin - IKEA

Pink Nightstand - Marshalls

Favorite Items

Dresser - was originally a brown wooden 1940's dresser from craigslist painted purple by my husband - new  knobs painted sea mist blue and gold

Mailbox painted sea mist blue next to bedroom door for all of June's personal mail that will be coming from Grandma, Grandpa, Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny.


Don't limit yourself to a  one theme or color palate - if you really like it then you'll figure out how to make it work!


  1. 1

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! You did such a fabulous job of mixing styles and finding a unique color palette. Great job creating such a lovely design. We completely agree with your statement “…if you really like it then you’ll figure out how to make it work!”

  2. 3

    This is the prettiest nursery I have seen in a very long time. :)

  3. 4

    Can I hire you to decorate?? So talented!!

  4. 5

    OMG…Love how it all turned out! I especially love the “diaper can” and the headband holder! Great touches…so happy it all turned out so beautiful!

  5. 6

    such a beautiful space! love all these colors together!

  6. 8

    The wall colors, can you share the names? My triplets want a pink room and I live this look.

  7. 9

    Oh my! Where did you get all those prints above the dresser and that purple crib sheet? I love that gold mirror too and the white table below the painting. Mind sharing where you got those as well?

  8. 10

    Love it! What a little princess she is… Having this royal room! Lucky baby!

  9. 11

    The colors are Sherwin Williams “Chaise Muave” (Darker Color) and Sherwin Williams “Vaguely Mauve” ( lighter color) – to me it looks more purple than pink – but there is a pinker option if that is what your looking for called “Breathless” and “Insightful Rose” both also by Sherwin Williams

  10. 12

    I used clipart that I purchased off of Etsy (https://www.etsy.com/shop/CollectiveCreation) and printed it. The crib sheet has pink and purple flowers from Babies R Us. The Gold mirror is from Target, originally black but painted gold. The white table is from Home goods :)

  11. 13
  12. 14
    avatar Emily (Luscious Life and Decor

    Love the nursery, especially the bold colors with the gold accents! What color paint did your husband use for the dresser (purple, teal, and gold)? Also, where did you get the paper mobile? So cute! Thank you!

  13. 15

    LOVE LOVE LOVE. You just ooze talent. :)
    PS- Thanks for the shout out!

  14. 16

    I believe the color for the dresser is vintage grape by Valspar – I just looked at the paint can and there was no color name on it sadly :( I made the mobile :)

  15. 18

    Where did you get the curtains? I love this room!

  16. 19

    TJ Maxx :) Thank You!

  17. 20

    So beautiful and unique! Where did you get that cute headband holder?

  18. 21

    My daughters name is June also, and I would love to have this exact nursery for her. So lovely!

  19. 22

    Where did you get the crib skirt? Its beautiful!

  20. 23

    Hobby Lobby :)

  21. 24

    Made it with 2 yards of fabric and a purple ribbon embellishment :)

  22. 25

    i love the hooks on the painted board. where are those from?

  23. 26
    avatar Kimberly Farrell

    What paint color is the purple dresser?

  24. 27

    Hobby Lobby :) Painted from black to gold

  25. 28

    I think it was something like Vintage Grape – but the brand is valspar :)

  26. 29

    Hi,beautiful nursery. Really stunning. I pinned a lot of the pictures :) question for you, the mobile you did above the chair ( the one with the circle hanging), what materials did you use for the circles? Paper? and the round circle, is that a sewing hoop? I really want to make one and I was curious what you used. Thanks so much!

  27. 30

    Love love love the letters! Did you buy those somewhere and paint them or did you find them in gold? Wonderful job Mama. Little June is a luck lady.

  28. 31

    Love love love this nursery! Where did you get the teal bedding and the crib bumper?

  29. 32

    I punched round circles using 4 different colors of card stock and a spray painted a round sewing hoop. I looped the circles together with fishing line and tied knots at each circle so they wouldn’t slide :)

  30. 33

    Thank You!!! Yes, I bought the letters at Jo Ann’s and spray-painted them gold! We do love our little june bug :)

  31. 34

    THANK YOU! I was pretty close when I was guessing what you did :) appreciate the response

  32. 35

    I love this room so much!! Can you tell me where you got the dog silhouette?? It’s a cocker spaniel, right?

  33. 36

    Super adorable!! Where’d you find the curtains?

  34. 37

    The bedding flower bed sheets are from Babies R us, the crib skirt I made with teal fabric and velcro – I don’t have a bumper on the crib. Hope that helps :)

  35. 38

    Thank You! I googled “cocker spaniel silhouette” cut it out and traced it on to a fun colored paper. Then I spray painted a canvas and stuck it on the canvas. It’s my favorite “art piece” in her room :)

  36. 39

    TJ Maxx :)

  37. 40

    Love this! I found this article through pinterest. Just stopping by to say I also have a “June”, although she’s almost 3. :) Thanks for sharing this!

  38. 41

    June’s are the best :)

  39. 42

    Sooo cute! Definitely using June’s nursery for some inspiration. Where did you get the elephant print on the gallery wall?

  40. 43

    i made it by spray painting a wooden gold elephant i found at Jo-Ann fabrics and adhering it to a fun piece of paper. i then covered a plain white matting in blue fabric. easy peasy :)

  41. 44

    Where did you get the tiny gold frames above the dresser and the pictures inside?

  42. 45

    I spray painted matted white frames from Michaels and I used clipart that I bought from Etsy and printed the images at a local printer :)

  43. 46

    Where are the curtains and bedding from?

  44. 47

    curtains were bought at TJ Maxx… the fitted crib sheet is from Babies R us, I made the crib skirt and the mauve blanket was another find at TJ Maxx :)

  45. 48

    I love the 3 photos you used in this nursrey. Plus the crib looks great. What a cute room to get inspired by!

  46. 49

    Hi, I love the nursery and am using your ideas to create mine! Could you share what was the gold paint name that you used to paint the frames and the mirror? As well as the sea blue color used to paint the mailbox! Where did you get the box you put on the wall for the headbands? Thank you so much for all your help!

  47. 50

    I don’t recall the brand of gold spray pain but I believe it was from walmart… nothing special. The green spray paint is Krylon “Catalina Mist” Ive seen it at Michaels and JoAnn Fabrics. The headband box was purchased at Hobby Lobby :)

  48. 51

    SO beautiful… Love all the different colors you incorporated.

    Where is the white bookshelf in between windows and under painting from?

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