Brooke’s Purple and Gray Nursery

  • Newborn Portrait1/23
  • BrookeNewborn_Portraits-2440-1820033545-O2/23
  • Gray and White Damask Crib Skirt3/23
  • Gray and White Damask Crib Bumper4/23
  • BrookeNewborn_Portraits-2431-1820030883-O5/23
  • BrookeNewborn_Portraits-2427-1820029909-O6/23
  • BrookeNewborn_Portraits-2426-1820029338-O7/23
  • Romina Dresser with Self Close Drawers8/23
  • Grey Glider and Ottoman with White Piping9/23
  • White Changing Table with Hutch10/23
  • Purple and White Nursery11/23
  • Glass Nursery Closet Doors12/23
  • Purple Handmade "B" and Diaper Cake13/23
  • BrookeNewborn_Portraits-2401-1820023472-O14/23
  • Purple Macarons De Paris Boxes15/23
  • Purple Vase with Purple and White Lolipops16/23
  • Hanging Lanterns with Crystals17/23
  • Purple and Gray Books18/23
  • BrookeNewborn_Portraits-2387-1820017359-O19/23
  • Purple Rhino Stuffed Animal20/23
  • BrookeNewborn_Portraits-2379-1820013725-O21/23
  • Purple Trellis Curtains22/23
  • BrookeNewborn_Portraits-2366-1820010789-O23/23

A Project For

Brooke Ashlyn


5 months




For our little girl I knew I wanted something different. As much as I adore pink, I just wanted to do something different, yet still keep it girly. Since I am not into the "themed" nursery, I knew I wanted to keep it classy and something that I would not regret later on. I decided to go with purple and gray from the very beginning (before I even knew it was a girl). At the time, I could not find ANYTHING purple and gray together, so I chose to go the custom route.

As far as furniture goes, my husband and I knew we wanted eco-friendly and to make sure it was not going to off gas any smells in the house. We found Romina Furniture located in Europe and just knew we had to have it. The drawers and cabinets finish closing on their own so that no kids fingers could be slammed or pinched, it is 100% solid wood, and eco-friendly. We could not be more pleased with it.

For the final details and touches on the hutch, I tried to incorporate more gray and purple (of all shades) to tie in with the rest of the room. We used purple and gray books, a purple handmade "B" a friend made me, the top part of a diaper cake from one of my baby showers, a silver frame holding my baby photo, etc.

Overall we were pleased with the way it turned out and how everything tied together.

Design Inspiration

I wanted it to be classy instead of a baby "theme" especially since I come from a design background.

Project Details

Photographer: Meghan MacAskill Photography

Casegoods Furniture: Romina Furniture

Glider: Babies "R" Us

Custom Bedding (bumper & skirt): Etsy - Rocky Top Design

Bedding (fitted sheet), Chandeliers, Shelf, and Wooden Letter “B”: Pottery Barn Kids

Window Treatment: Z Gallerie

Purple Blanket: Bed Bath & Beyond

Purple Pillow: Target

Favorite Items

Eco-friendly furniture that is "baby safe" -  the cabinets and drawers finish closing on their own so that no child can slam their hand.


Shop around for accent items in the color you wish. Don't be afraid to go into Marshalls, Target, Costplus, Home Goods, Michaels, Joann's, etc.  You can splurg on the big items and get good deals on your color accent items. Also, if you don't find any bedding that you like, I would check out to have someone make you something custom.


  1. 1

    I love it! Very cool and original ideas, love the lolly pops instead of flowers!

  2. 2

    I love it. I was aiming for the same thing for my daughter 2 years ago but could not find anything. I was making my own bedding etc and couldn’t even find fabrics to use…. I got so frustrated, and well impatient (I was 6 months pregnant) that I gave up and went pink. If I could go back I would have re grouped and tired again before giving up. Obviously the results speak for themselves and I should have stuck to my guns on this colour combo.

  3. 3

    Love the room! You did an amazing job! Would you mind sharing the names of the paint color?

  4. 4
    avatar ShannaMackenzie

    I absolutely love your room! I am doing a similar room only in teal. Can I ask where you got your pinwheels you have in the purple vase? Did you make them or find them pre-made somewhere? I’d love to do something similar.

  5. 5

    Can you share the paint color? I love it!

  6. 6

    For our next we are doing the grays with teal also =) Already have items for the room seeing that I buy things when I find them….as for the pinwheels, I made them. They are made of cardstock paper, rhinestones, glue, and wooden skewer sticks. Good luck!

  7. 7

    I had such a hard time finding stuff for this room too, but I was adamant about not changing my colors and just making everything custom. Next time, stick to your guns ;)

  8. 8

    Thank you =) It was inspired by my sweet tooth!!

  9. 9

    It was Kelly Moore paint…I have to double check the paint colors and get back to you.

  10. 10

    It was Kelly Moore paint…the purple was either pashmina or regal jewel, cant remember since we have both paint cans here at our house.

  11. 11

    Can you share the link for the drapery panels? I can’t find them on that website. Thanks!

  12. 12

    Did the curtains have a name? Z gallerie no longer sells them and I am dying to find something similar!

  13. 13

    They are called Mimosa panels, I have tried looking on the internet and can’t find them anywhere.

  14. 14

    Love this nursery!!! What was the paint color you used for the gray walls?

  15. 15

    Omg! I love your nursery! I have searched high and low for the curtains and have found no luck :( your nursery is truly an inspiration.

  16. 16

    I love the paint colors! Do you happen to remember what the names of the purple and gray walls are?

  17. 17

    So, what was the final word on the paint colors for the gray & the purple? I am doing my daughters room in purple & gray with white furniture. I have looked at paint chips and there are sooo many shades of both grays & purples to choose from….which is nice but also hard! She’s due in Sept, so we are trying to get it going & finished soon!

  18. 18

    What is the paint color and brand? Love it!

  19. 19

    I’m wondering the same thing!

  20. 20

    Do you remember what brand of paint you used and what color it was?

  21. 21

    Is this crib an off white? Or what was the color called?

  22. 24

    The furniture colour is Bianco Satinato (ivory).

  23. 25

    What is the purple colored paint used in this room? I love it!!!!!!

  24. 26

    I wanna do this if we have a girl. Where did you get the paint and what shades lol

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